Thursday, August 23, 2012

cc quickie: car lust

What is it about cars that make me so excited? Is this a Freudian thing, from my childhood? I don't know.

i just lust over cars, particularly sports cars. And the new ones. I'm not one of those restorer types. But I appreciate well-maintained classics.

Ahhh. the sports car. The beauty and power combined. True sexiness.

No, I don't lust over SUV's. I find them too... utilitarian. hello! sports Utility vehicle nga no?! These were made for use, a comfortable truck. Unlike a sports car, made for the sheer pleasure of speed and driving. The curves were meant for better aerodynamics. Science supports sexiness.

The best part is that the sports car market is finally alive and well in the Philippines!  The success of the MX5 and the Hyundai Genesis paved the way for the 'mid-priced' sports car segment, long dormant in the country.  Finally!

Nissan recently unveiled the 370Z. And my heart is beating fast. That has the Datsun 240Z in its genes most evidently. That was one of my favorite cars from childhood.

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So Freud was right after all.

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luke lacson said...

my bad. wasnt able to see the 37Oz. please delete my previous post. embarrassing. thank you.