Thursday, August 23, 2012

cc quickie: it takes two

It takes two years to show some stability in a relationship. In gay-years, that's maybe five or six years? What's the exchange rate? LOL

PC and I, we've been together for two years. Has it been that long? I'm still recalling all my emo-single posts. LOL All that pining and whining for true love.

What makes this work? I don't know. hehe. All I can say is that everything is working out well. We lead a simple life together. Our together-time may be quite limited but spending it doing things we like doing makes it all worthwhile.

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shenanigans said...

aaww.. sweet!

anniv niyo today?

Dean Isaac said...

I've never seen you two alone and carrying on in domestic felicity, so I only have my imagination to rely on: the cool twilight lapping gently against the lamp-lit scene of two men cozily reading in bed.

If that, then I've also never been so jealous ^_^