Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's probably too early for Sauvignon Blanc but heck, it's a holiday!  Random thoughts:

I did my Time magazine catching up earlier at the gym.  I was reading this article on Glocanomics as the new business model, kicking globalization in the ass.  I started thinking about the business and how to effectively compete.  I realized I do some great strategy thinking while reading business articles.  And of course, when I am reading business books.  But I can't sustain that for long periods of time.  I know of some people who read current business books for entertainment.  No, not me.

So Sofitel wasn't affected by Habagat as much.  They suffered heavily only during Pedring.  But that didn't stop them from loading up on those sandbags at the sea wall.  It does mar the view.  The waves are quite rough today.

I would have expected more people due to the long holidays.  But all I see are a tourists, and not locals.  Maybe the thought of rain and flood scared them away?

Sometimes I think of you, and I feel so sorry for myself.  How flawed I am as a person.  And how I don't deserve the love or attention.

Though the clouds hide the sun, I miss my sunglasses.  I left them at home.  But then again, I wouldn't be able to write on the iPad if I did.  The polarzing lens are just not made for that.

I'm a pretend wine drinker.  I've been drinking wine much though I have yet to develop that discriminating palate.  But I am really enjoying wine, red especially.  And even at 3:00 pm, I am here drinking wine.  The breeze is just amazing, though.  And I can stay here forever, if not for my spa appointment at 4pm.  Should I get another glass?


Frank Tan said...

I miss CC over PC Stories!

Anonymous said...

Talk about random thoughts!