Wednesday, September 10, 2008

brief encounters, sequel

no. 1

he texted a few days after. i was excited to receive his text. after a few exchanges, i asked him out.

"hang out? cge minsan cguro" was the tentative reply.

i texted him again after a day or two. no response. so yun lang yun. hehe

no. 2

on the way back to manila, we were exchanging texts.

"punta ka sa unit ko minsan." cc
"sure. anytym bro"
"nand2 k rin s resto?" cc
"yup. ns may fountain kmi."
"punta k uli cr. kta tyo. hehe" cc
"y? chu2pain mu b aq dun? naku. my budget yan. hehe"
"huh? kala ko 4 fun lng! hehe" cc
"lam mo n yun"
"ah ok. cge nxt tym n lng. tnx" cc

and that ended that exchange quickly. yes, i pay for sex. but i wont pay him. =)

yun lang! =)


Ming Meows said...

ako na lang bigyan mo ng calling card. hehe!

joaqui_miguel said...

Promising starts yet the endings are so disappointing.

Oh, well. Another day, another set of guys. lol

trey said...


borg_queen said...

Ugh. How disappointing. Napupuno talaga ng poverty ang Pilipinas. You get western-style homo encounters pero may bayad pala. lol

Say, cc, have ever gotten it with a woman? In your kabataan?

Anonymous said...

budget? parang that takes the fun out of the whole thing. id rather sleep with my driver. at least alam mo nang d ka kakatayin sa cr. budget!

closet case said...

sure, ming meows... but we'll have to bump into each other somewhere first! hehe

true, joaqui! i never give up! hahaha

=) trey

hi borg_queen! disappointing, yup!
yeah, ive done it twice with a woman (- in my kabataan. hahaha) primarily to prove to myself i could get "it" up even with a woman

can i sleep with your driver? hahaha

Basol said...

pabayad? sayang... hope nga sana naging bato pa...

yung no.1 baka akot lang cia kasi bata pa...

or natakot sa status mu kasi schuschalan ka... hehe...

more blogs pa... (",)

closet case said...

thanks basol! mukha ngang natakot sa akin kasi may edad na! hehe