Sunday, September 7, 2008

lolo memories (happy grandparents' day)

i was named after my grandfathers from both sides. they have both since passed away.

my paternal grandfather i didnt have much recollection of. he was reaching senility as i was growing up. but i remember a mild-mannered old man, a man of few words, a man who let his wife (lola) run the show. he was one of those who still believed that drying old batteries in the sun would rev them up. he had a raspy voice, was not very affectionate towards me. but i remember him with much respect. he seemed a very upright, moral man.

my maternal grandfather i remember very well. he lived up to the ripe old age of 99. he was an engineer by profession, worked with the government, built some of those roads down south. and in contrast to lolo from tatay side, he led a very 'colorful' life. he has children probably with five different women. and he actively maintained two families, each with five kids. my poor lola was almost driven to insanity dealing with it. during that time, wives just didnt leave their philandering husbands so she resorted to weird coping mechanisms (like kulam, black candles, etc.)

i found his sexual appetite amazing. i recall one particular christmas eve. my mom just found out that one of the household help was pregnant. she was a 'slow one'. so we were all wondering who knocked her up. she first pointed at one of the kanto boys as the father. but after coming from a family gathering, the girl's mom finally revealed whom it was. yes, my lolo.

we found out how he would entice her with some cash and/or candies in return for 'putting out'. and that explained why she kept on treating us to candies and snacks!

while all the members of the family were in shock, i found the entire episode amusing and truly amazing.

we stayed in the house he built. when my lola passed away, it was just him and the rest of us (mom, dad and siblings) staying with him. every morning, he would be already be having his coffee at the dining table. and all of us would pay our respects before leaving for school. i remember seeing him pat my each of my sisters on their back, while talking to them. and curiously, that pat would extend down to their fannies. (they cringe every time. my poor sisters)

maternal lolo was a real ladies man. i saw pictures of him during his youth. gwapo siya talaga. and he was a charmer. life of the party. always smiling. no wonder.

i must be a sum of both lolos. i proudly carry "III" in my name and say that it is from both sides. and as i see some of my paternal lolo in me (dedication), i could see more of my maternal lolo lurking in me!

happy grandparents' day!


migs, the manila gay guy said...

of course naman, ang ganda ng lolo ko!

see yah soon cc!

Anonymous said...

Ibig sabihin may tumatago na ladies man inside of you and a bizzare need to touch fannies!?!

closet case said...

hahaha. thanks, mgg! will see you real soon!

eeeewwww, lobster! *pukes*

Vince said...

What a coincidence, I was also named after both my grandfathers! :-)

closet case said...

so what traits did you get from both, vince?