Thursday, September 18, 2008

galit sa free time

that's what my friends have been saying about me these past few months:

- work has been hectic because so many activities happen during the 3rd quarter
- extra-curricular activities include: being officer in an alumni association, a trade organization and a religious organization. all of them, unfortunately i have pending projects with... big projects. that also take up my evenings and my saturdays at times
- nano-enterprise takes up my sundays
- will start teaching again in two institutions. one is grad school. UGH. major preps for that.

and i still need to go to the gym 3x a week (down from 5x), play badminton 1x/wk, spend time with my parents (usually dinners at their place) and sneak a date here and there (usually weekends unless i get really horny)

hopefully, all this will pass. funny, just a few months ago, i was wondering how i could be busier, to keep my mind off my failed relationship. and as predicted by 'the secret' what i focused on expanded. now ive got my hands full, including my feet.

so even as i am so attracted to crush/ed and bewitched by doctor summa cum laude, i really wouldnt know how to squeeze a relationship.

and about dr scl, i sent him an sms last sunday. he texted back: he was glad i sent him message. a few exchanges lang. "masarap ka kausap kagabi. sana maulit uli ang kuwentuhan. i hope we can be good friends."

good friends?? dami ko na kayang good friends! di ko kailangan ng isa pang good friend! hahaha

of course, polite me posted a smiley and said 'let's arrange that sometime. textan tayo"

he hasnt texted since that sunday. and as i think of him a lot, i think of the futility of it all. so dahan-dahang naglalaho na rin ang aking matinding paghanga sa kanya.

natutuwa ako ngayon kay cuba gooding jr. he slept over the other night (yes, i had to squeeze that in because of an urgent biological need) he was fun to be with. and i really found him so adorable and sexy. he's the bulky type, semikal with nice lips and eyes. para talagang mulato. speaks with a slight lisp pa. super lambing. downside, di ako nakatulog kasi hanep makayakap. well, bata pa naman at 22yo.

maski walang free time, maisisingit talaga ang libog. hehe


joaqui_miguel said...

Wow! Super busy with almost every aspect of your life.

Please do stop sometimes to smell the roses. :)

closet case said...

i know, i know, joaqui. i want to smell those darn roses. hehe. ill slow down soon enough. thanks!

Ming Meows said...

extra-curricular activities include:...a religious organization..

wow busy pala ha. at least u deserve a good fuck

joelmcvie said...

Cuba Gooding Jr.? "Show me the moneeeey!"

jericho said...

naks. busy ah. still, libog really has a way of finding its niche. kesa naman hindi ka maka-concentrate because of pent up horniness diba? ;)

Quentin X said...

Precisely why Abraham Maslow put sex as a physiological need along with breathing, eating and drinking.

Vince said...

Well, it's a great well-rounded life you're having right now. Sa 2009 ka na maghanap ng taong kukumpleto sa iyo. :-)

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Naku sis! I hope all goes well, especially in terms of alammona! Mwah!