Sunday, July 1, 2007

Dubai Mall Interiors

Here are examples of the great malls of Dubai... and this is what i mean by next-gen malls: big, spacious, generous with daylight... you will be surprised at how much attention they put in the details,, floor to celing! as they say in Tagalog "pulido magtrabaho"! Though you may not always like the themes (some are borderline gaudy), you can appreciate the creativity... this is what having a LOT OF MONEY could do.

It seems to me that the British et al architects and designers just became wild with their designs, since there are no budget constraints!


Kai Santorino said...

is life fabulous in dubai?

closet case said...

with plenty of money, yes it could be! hahaha
seriously though, i dont think i would last too long there even if i had cash up to my ears... dubai is still nouveau for me...