Sunday, July 15, 2007

karmic retribution?

partner is in town, 2nd weekend in a row! we attended a friend's chic party. one guest, ill call him virginia, went up to him and gave him the line " you look familiar" and proceeded to chika-chika my partner. hay. so aggressively flirting with my partner. virginia is slim, actually quite hunky, not so pretty, ER-looking. pang-kama. to partner's credit, he was being nice but not too nice. he wasnt flirting back (at least that's what i saw).

we went to malate after. and virginia happened to be in the same place. ang saya ng pota upon seeing partner. sudden akbay - feeling close! i was introduced and i didnt mind the overt flirtation. turns out virginia followed partner when he went to the john. talked to him. virginia was so disappointed when he found out that partner had a partner, moi. and that he really wanted to get to know partner better. asus.

hmm. tables turned. suddenly i am again feeling jealous. and envious of the attention partner got. i didnt feel this way last night. just dawned on me today. a sentiment i havent felt in a long time. the attractiveness of partner i have taken for granted. largely because i was too self-involved.

what goes around, come around.

driving over to our friend's place we got in an argument, our first in a looong time. it felt so new, too. anger expressing itself. nagtatarayan sa kotse. but it was quickly resolved. just found it actually strangely, err.. refreshing?

weird. must be my hormones. hahaha. feeling girl.

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joelmcvie said...

Hindi yan karma; meron ka lang. Girl ka talaga eh. :-)