Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hagia Sophia Iconography

As I promised artist Josh (and his doves) I am posting pics I took of the awesome Hagia Sophia, a 4th Century cathedral in Istanbul built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. It's amazing to actually see this, though not up close because this is like the 3rd biggest cathedral in the world. apologies though for just two pics of the icons, most of the pics i took focused on the architecture, which is more of my interest. It was a finalist in the recent seven wonders of the world vote.

So here it is, Josh, a post dedicated to your post on icons. Here's to a kindred spirit!


JOSH said...

oh my, oh my! What a beautiful church & d icons r awesome and very authentic indeed! (gasp!)

Tnx CC for sharing these, IM more than honored. :-)

Also tnx for always leaving comments on my posts :-)

closet case said...

you are most welcome, josh! i hope to see your works one day. have you had an exhibit? sorry if you posted that. i havent read through all your posts. would be glad to suggest a place for it!

JOSH said...

CC, i havent done a one-man-show, still dont have enought collection to Xhibit (in fact i think i dont have any icon of my own work! shuts). But really planning to hold one real soon! Actually, i want to hold my first Xhbit here in our building (we have an informal mini gallery here) and its for free for me (d place), hehehe! BTW, what was ur suggested place??? Shalom!:-)

closet case said...

nahiya naman ako na-suggest yung bar na owned by some friends. but its a nice PLU bar - butterfly bar... although i do know albert avellana of avellana gallery. i dont know if i have enough credibility to endorse an artist, though. hahaha.

JOSH said...

HAaaaayyyyy, i finished scanning and reading thru ur entries and i ended up on ds post on me,hehehe!

hey, ngayon ko lang nabasa 2ng answe mo ah! (ngek). So were is dat avellana gallery? perhaps for my second venture, i can Xhbit der (just a dream, la pa nga yung first eh!) Sorry if i feel so dumb with terms, ngayon ko lang nabasa from ur post dat MSM is male-sex-male.... (M2M i know, esp d video industry), but what again is PLU (people w/ aids, hehehe) or people like U or us.... hehehe. I'm just really stupid or naive or dumb. soreee..

closet case said...

no worries, josh.

avellana gallery is along libertad st., pasay city.. nice place, kinda elitist

msm - men having sex with men (for accuracy)
plu - people like us

you aint stupid, josh, dont ever think that of yourself!!!!