Tuesday, July 24, 2007

the podcast villain

currently listening to the podcast of the troikasters where I was a guest, together with tony. feeling a lot better and started realizing that i am either going to be cast as the EVIL LOVER or the clueless guest the troikasters are ganging up on! hahaha

But i think I am going to be more of the villain here... these things that i do certainly do not fit into the mold of a lot people, gay or straight. i cope, i am tempted, i give in, i seek it out, i enjoy it and after all that, i hide it. no rationalization, though. this is just it.

stone me... *magdalena by freddie aguilar plays in the background*

Maria Magdalena, by Honoré Daumier (1808-1879)


Anonymous said...

i can relate to the "woman caught i adultery" character in d good book. Cast d first stone huh... but no one dared... Jesus saved her :)

joelmcvie said...

CC: I am going to go on record and say this: YES, we were "ganging up" on you that night. However, let me state that, for my part, it's my way of "kariñong brutal". You have to admit, what you do is the more unpopular choice so it's an easier target, alaskahan-wise.

I am almost sure that if we employ the "He who has no sin cast the first stone" principle here, you'll probably get hit by a pebble or two only. BESIDES, most people will publicly condemn you simply because it is the "proper" thing to say--IN PUBLIC. But I bet in their heart of hearts (to borrow Migs' phrase) they're also as flawed as the next person.

So in closing, let me publicly apologize to you for the "matinding alaskahan" that you went through under me. Sans video, people couldn't see our facial expressions and body language that belie the things we were saying "against" you (plus they couldn't see you wave at the microphone).

And I am going to post my post-podcast reflections in The McVie Show soon.

closet case said...

thanks, josh. i feel as guilty as the 'crowd' used to stoning other people for their sins, maybe not for sins of the flesh but for others. but as you can see, i really have no right... :)

and to you, Joel... MWAH maski masakit yung pebble mo (hahaha) JOKE. no apologies needed but should you insist, apology accepted!

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

Come on CC! Don't feel guilty now! You enjoy sex. I enjoy shopping. ny judgments on me just bounces right off. Then again I'm completely shallow. I think you handled yourself quite well during the trial...errr interview. That Tony is one hot guy! Did you? Would you? with him?

closet case said...

hahaha. thanks, john. the trial did go well. guilt is placed in one drawer now, closed and locked.

tony is hot. (hope he doesnt read this) nuff said.

Tony said...

Lol. Was I running a fever kaya ako hot (corny)? :P

Thanks for the compliment. *Blush*
CC, you aren't too bad yourself. I hope that I can look as good as you when I reach your...um... "level" (ang hirap i-construct ng sentence so that i won't sound condescending. Haha.)

I don't think you were the villian, rather you were the victim. Mave actually respects you a lot after hearing the podcast and thought that you were pretty courageous. I don't think it there was any intention to make it look like you were at fault. We all have our bad side...its just that I guess I was better at hiding them than you were. For that I am grateful because you took the heat of off me. Hahaha.

gibbs cadiz said...

no no, not my tony! chos! :)

closet case said...


closet case said...

*regains consciousness, clears throat and modulates voice"

tony, thanks for the kind words. you are too kind. :)

what i do brings out the moralist in people! hahaha

gibbs, need i react to this? :)

joelmcvie said...

Aba... aba... aba... ano'ng kaguluhan ito?! (with arms akimbo, take note)

Dapat may follow-up itong podcast na ito!

closet case said...

di pwede magka-follow up...
*hides behind the curtain, sheepishly looks with just one eye*
hahaha. joke.