Saturday, September 8, 2007

lobby thoughts

hanging out at the waterfront lahug lobby on a saturday morning. partner has just left, has gone back to his place of duty. have to stay for some additional work. *sigh*

enigma has been very busy lately. but he tries to get in touch. kaso i dont dare answer the phone when partner is around. i sneaked a conversation last night. he didnt sound too happy to hear from me. questioning the status, the set-up. still not used to this. then he lightens up. napa-praning rin ako. i dont know if he'll just snap and become my worst nightmare, a stalker threatening to just blow open everything, affecting my work (i still am in the closet, remember?)

meanwhile, i spent a great time with partner. was trying to drop hints and there of 'playing around', of changing circumstances, of accepting how relationship evolve. i dont know if he's biting. all in the vague and hazy.

had great sex with him. been quite some time. partner really knows where my buttons are. comfortable can be great, too.

but horny little devil that i am, i am thinking whether i should call a 'friend' based in cebu. 'friend' was a playmate during a visit to cebu last year. shrimp category: great body. wild in bed. love the way he closes his eyes as he plays with member with his mouth and tongue. so into it. getting hard in the middle of the lobby. ;)

bad boy. lustful thoughts. better not. i did tell enigma i was going to be faithful. something wrong with that - i will stay faithful to my mistress.

in this same lobby, enigma's x-boyfriend broke up with him two years ago. crazy guy brought him all the way to cebu from manila, supposedly as part of an entire birthday gift for him (including fitness first membership, major party, etc). then upon arrival in the hotel, while waiting for their room, dumps him. that's his trauma. had not gotten involved with anybody since supposedly. till now.

tomorrow i will be back in manila. enigma's turn this time.


Anonymous said...

oh wow. i just came back from cebu, stayed at the waterfront, was at ayala mall and passed by cafe laguna on saturday, and flew back to manila today. i could have passed you several times and not even know it! sayang, nagpa-autograph sana ako. :-)

closet case said...

hahaha. i may have been just there, right under your nose.