Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the Women at O Bar

last sat, my hi school friends, one blogger friend, partner and i stayed at O bar, malate. it was my second time there. i must say that it is a welcome before-bed venue. i saw a couple of fag hags surrounded by their queer friends. the first time i was there, one of the women just came up to hunky gogo boy and french-kissed him for a looong second. whoa!

this night, as the place was getting crowded, there was another lady dancing with her queer friends. she aint bad looking, she aint good looking either. hahaha. no actually pwede naman. then i saw her french-kissing one her friends (definitely a friend, definitely queer and NOT even good looking!!!!)

so what's happening, dudes and dudettes? why are women suddenly french-kissing gays and gogo boys? is their target market really disappearing now and they are actually 'making do' with the gays and gogo boys? is this desperation (pardon the term)?

weird thought, though. it suddenly popped into my head: i was wishing i was french-kissing this lady (not the gogo boy... that's a foregone conclusion!!!) its been a looong time since i've kissed another woman (as in lesbian context, di ba? hahaha). i wonder if i will get hard again.

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