Tuesday, September 18, 2007

male locker room talk

i maintain some gym buddies / acquaintances who are straight (though I sniff out a few who are not) and they treat me as somebody straight. we see each other regularly. they have been nice enough to let me in their group, inviting me to their lakads, with their wives and girlfriends (not all of them, though)

typical early morning gymfloor or locker room banter will revolve around working out, of course, who is cutting up or bulking up... supplements taken, effective techniques. on occasion, there would be the talk about babes. just like this morning.

some of the guys were talking about really hot promo girls they were interviewing. one whipped out his laptop and started showing us (yes, including me) the sexy pics of these women. admittedly, they were hot looking, sexy and alluring... all objectively, of course (harhar). i dont pretend to get turned on. but i laugh with them as they made their jokes (eto pare, kita yung panty...)

i didnt stay too long. couldnt stand it anymore. i mean, once ive seen one pic, ive seen 'em all.

i like this occasional 'male bonding' rituals. makes me feel 'accepted'. increases my 'macho appeal' hahaha. sometimes after such conversation, i'd head on down to the sauna and get my c**k s**kd off. hahaha.

my advice to fellow-closet keepers: relax and enjoy the male talk. dont be too stiff though. that's a dead giveaway. RELAX


Jacob said...

Hey, just found your site. I have to say from personal experience, it's best to just go with the flow. What you said is dead on here. Just be easy going about it. I have friends that I'm out to and I still play along. It seems to just put everybody at ease, especially in a locker room where people are likely to feel a little insecure.

closet case said...

hi jacob! sorry it took some time before i replied. this is an old post. hehehe. thanks for sharing!