Sunday, September 30, 2007

secret's out

my gloom has abated. i was reading my earlier posts and boy, was it so full of despair. i sort of snapped out of it after watching 'the secret' on dvd.

got a copy of it from my sister. been curious about since i watched oprah reruns and saw her 'review' of the book and dvd, and her interview of the editor/authors. something about what they were saying was resonating within me. turns out, the secret's been out for more than a year now. (im so late).

so i watched the very simple, but nicely edited docu-dvd. and sorting out myself while watching the dvd helped a lot. here's how:

the secret is all about the law of attraction. what we think about, what preoccupies us sends a message to the universe. and it simply attracts all things, events back to itself, back to us. if we are always thinking about what we do NOT have, what we LACK, we reinforce it and ATTRACT more situations that will aggravate this LACK. change your thoughts and you change your outcome.

so i decided to change my thoughts, my preoccupations and focus on what i have, what i enjoy, what makes me happy. and pretty much, that is status quo. now, i feel a lot lighter and i have also decided to do something healthier, more positive about my relationship with partner. i wont preempt myself. but i will be taking some steps soon... and thinking about it makes me happy... so i send more happy thoughts into the universe.

sorry if it sounds like nonsense, or overtly simplistic. but it worked for me... :-) wish me luck...


Anonymous said...

Wait fo 6 months. See if the Secret has a more lasting effect on you.

jetblue said...

goodluck cc.. and if it doesnt work out u can always jus come live with me here in nyc hehe, just kiddin..

YAJNAT said...

i did try to buy this book but when i browse whats inside i found out that its not for me...i still believe in these three books: celestine prophecy, 10th insight and awareness

Anonymous said...

Step 1 : Ask
Step 2 : Believe
Step 3 : Receive

c",) Law of Attraction indeed. Right now, I am asking for a six-pack abs...I'll let you know if it has worked.


Anonymous said...

Hi CC, the Secret's law of attraction sounds like a variation of the idiom "as you sow so shall you reap", or of karma. Funny how different beliefs whether cultural, religious or what-have-you, are very similar in some ways. I'd like to watch this dvd, where did your sister get it?

f i l l i b u s t e r o said...

go go go!

Tony said...

As with a lot of things...simplicity usually really works a lot better than complications. :D

closet case said...

the dvd was just a copy given to her. passed on by friends. nat'l bookstore carries both the book and the dvd.

tony - true, true, true... but usually human nature craves complications. hahaha

thanks, filli - ill post the outcome! :-)

d.c. - i am wishing for it myself - the 6-pack. and i am on my way! focus on what is there (my abs) and not on what isnt!

ragnar - will probably be on another self-help program by then. hihihi

yajnat - loved the celestine, too... its kinda like 'the secret' meets 'da vinci code' hihihi.

jetblue - might be going to nyc by next month! i just might take you up on that. JOKE. :-)

Anonymous said...


Can we compare "six-pack-abs" say, a month from now? c",) Let's see if The Secret really works.. Are you free on November 9, Friday... my place. hehehehe.



closet case said...

d.c. hmmmm. seems like we will be comparing much more than just six-pack... six.... inches? hehehe