Monday, September 3, 2007

first fight

Enigma: Galit ko cyo
CC: Y? Wat did i do?

i tried calling several times. Dropped all my calls.

E: I hate you. dnt call me.
CC: I just wanna know y u hate me so suddenly
E: Bad ka kc
CC: Wat did i do?
E: Kc bad k my iba ka pa
CC: Wat? F Cors not!
E: Kanino k ng love you?
CC: K partner! d ko pinakita cyo kasi yun ang usapan natin.
E: Pero nakta ko n s iba un. Kaw talaga
CC: I can show u my sent msgs. I kno its hard to trust me but i swear der s no 1 els.
E: Ok. 9:18pm yun

saturday afternoon was spent in a mall and eventually proceeding to badminton court to play with friends. had a great time. enigma was so sweet and thoughtful. went to the condo to shower up... and take our first shower together... that was heavenly, despite running late for dinner appointment.

on the way to drop him off, partner texted me. i replied with 'love you, etc...' which he saw me typing. he asked about it but i promptly hid it, mindful of not hurting him.

he thought i was texting 'love you' to someone else. and that set him off.

we saw each other last night. i have to admit i was shocked and hurt at the 'i hate you' text. and i told him about it. he didnt apologize but he really made it a point to clarify where he was coming from. and he was already malambing after. i asked him three times: "do you hate me?" he would always answer with head bow low, and a sincere 'no'.

everything went back to normal since... :)


Anonymous said...

lovers' quarrel??... at least the tension eases at the end of d day.... :)

closet case said...

yeah. had to happen sooner or later. and with this sticky situation, i can expect more. oh well! thanks for dropping by, josh! really wish i could see your paintings for myself...

f i l l i b u s t e r o said...

sa tagal kong nawala tinubuan na pala ng kabute ang blog mo... ehehehehe!

just take care of yourself.
regards to E.

closet case said...

thanks, filli. talagang iba ang sarap ng kabute. hahaha.

f i l l i b u s t e r o said...

napatumbling naman ako sa "talagang iba ang sarap ng kabute".