Sunday, November 9, 2008

harassment with consent?

i was referred to this home service massage therapist by a friend. actually, all three of us in the group got his number because of the 'recommendation'! the two booked him ahead and gave him solid good reviews! hmmm. i became curious and horny, of course.

coming from a trip last week, i called him up to book home service. he was very nice and light on the phone. and was laughing t the 'deluge' of referrals he has been getting from my friend. all explainable because of advertising and promotions. the therapist, nino, offered my friend a promo: 3 successful referrals = 1 free massage. no wonder he was spreading the news!!!

he arrived at the condo. not too impressive physically but not bad looking. but he has a nice lean young body. and besides, we have established some kind of rapport because he was fun. he was light and always joking.

he proceeded to massage me. and as he did, he sometimes talk about his stories, the friends he has met. and an occasional joke which i appreciate. the massage was actually good. firm, hard at certain points, especially at the lower back. and he would comment how he liked my butt. he kidded me that i was trying to rush to get to the 'happy ending'. but i told him i wasnt really so excited because i dont really get hard when im being massaged, even erotically. that's why some therapists think im not into it.

i guess he got challenged because he started to slide his chest over my back. but he wasnt done with the massage. when i turned over, he continued the massage, avoiding my 'sensitive parts'. however, once that was done, he offered to give me my happy ending.

in typical fashion, he took off his clothes and started 'romance' me by licking my nipples, caressing my d**k. soon, however, he was on top of me and was already kissing me on my neck, my chest, behind the ear. and he would brush his lips against mine without kissing me.

now this was already turning me on... and getting me rock hard. when i embraced him, he started to kiss me and we started to really go for it. and we went on and on...

until he pulled back and said "im sorry'... i though he was kidding. but when i looked at him, he was serious. "di ko dapat ginagawa yun sa cliente. i took advantage of you. im sorry."

"huh? sorry for what? gusto ko naman yung ginagawa natin..." so i countered.

then he looked into my eyes and started to kiss me more and more... and we had one wild time in bed that night. he kept saying he liked me so much... and he couldnt stop kissing me and cuddling me. but it had to end.

i gave him what was due and he left, not without one final kiss sabay hug... sweet guy.

i was puzzled with that 'change of heart'. of course i wanted sex to happen. but on hindsight, i guess the sex was supposed to be typically unemotional: he licks my nipples, gets on top of me, jerks me off as he lets me suck him. and it would culminate with me, just me, getting to the climax. that was the professional way.

i guess he felt guilty that he had let his emotions get the better of him. and he enjoyed the wild ride. and that i could be a 'victim' of harassment because of the client-service provider relationship. maybe.

it was a good massage. it was good sex. but frankly, i kept on thinking of just one person. and it wasnt the therapist. *sigh*


thebaklareview said...

refer mo rin sa akin. :-D

closet case said...

sure, tbr! will text you!

J said...

thinking of ex?

Vince said...

ang lakas talaga ng sex appeal mo! :-)

closet case said...

nope, j. not him! the perfect man...

hahaha. i dont think it always works, vince!

J said...

sino nga uli si perfect man, si cuba?

Ming Meows said...

wow ha, aasa ka talaga kay perfect man.

f.ckangsarap said...

hahaha! fun read.

closet case said...

sorry for late reply, people!

nope, not cuba, j.
ming meows, di naman sa umaasa pa. di ko lang matanggal sa isipan. (hmmm. siguro nga umaasa pa! hehe)

thanks, f. ckangsarap! love the handle!

f.ckangsarap said...

haha! most welcome.

Anonymous said...

how can i get his contact number from you and still remain anonymous? haha


Anonymous said...

i really got turned on by this post! would love to get the # as well. haha