Tuesday, November 18, 2008

IJ Case 7: The Crew Club, Washington, D.C.

Bath houses or saunas are not popular here anymore. PLU's prefer online meet-ups that become eb's. Last year, i didnt bother to check out the few saunas in nyc.

but this afternoon, upon arriving at washington, d.c., i decided to do an online search 'gay+washington, dc'. and i got a short list of 'entertainment options' for the PLU. well, there was just one sauna/gym, and since i was quite free, i decided to check it out: the crew club.

it wasnt hard to find. though it was quite a walk from the nearest metro station (mcpherson square). upon security check, you are led to the gym area. but nothing happens there. i went up to the 2nd floor where Everything happens.

a lounge greets the visitor. this lounge becomes the locker area and eventually the communal shower system, and the rest of the wet floors. the dry sauna is small but the wet sauna is labyrinthine, with little 'cubicles' or stalls where one sits and has a bit of privacy to engage one or two.

outside is the room maze, with many rooms. the style here is that you could choose between getting a locker or a room. i opted for a locker.

the place is not new. and it smells it, especially the dry sauna. it is quite well lit for a bath house. which i appreciate so i could see the fez of the patrons.

the patrons are largely matrons, middle-aged caucasians with potbelly to show. a handful of youngish ones, those into daddies, i guess. there was one who looked hispanic, one who was south asian and totally asian (cc!).

the hispanic signaled interest early on. but i started with a young caucasian, looked jewish. he was just so into my pecs/boobs. he actually came just touching me. hahaha. i tried the hispanic. he led me inside his room. but wanted to bottom me. uhmm. no way, jose. finally, i started something with the south asian (whom i found the better looking than the rest, with a nice butt, to boot!) and that was hot because i liked him most. but we didnt consumate. we 'moved on' to the others. hihihi

i wasnt much into it so i didnt release. i left after about 2 hours.

it was ok. but nothing to rave about. if only the place lived up to its ad (those gorgeous hunks), i would have been recommending it to EVERYONE.


Quentin X said...

I stopped believing in ads when I found out santa wasn't real.

closet case said...

right you are, quent! FALSE ADVERTISING!

Anonymous said...

The quality of patrons depends on what day and what time you visit. Some nights it's an older crowd, some nights a younger crowd.

False advertising? Hardly... since I'm military, I look more like the guys in the picture than most of the men who frequent the place but you don't hear me complaining...

I find it funny that people complain about a bath house cause they didn't get laid or something. Guess what people... don't expect everyone to be into you just cause you're cruising a bathhouse and are horny. I'm in my early 30's and have gone w/friends there and always had a fun time but I don't go to hook up w/random strangers who enjoy unsafe sex or may or may not be using drugs. I go to hang w/my friends and have some fun with them in that atmosphere.

If you are hotter than some there, they will gravitate to you where ever you go... or if you and another guy are messing around, they will crowd the sauna to watch... it just depends on what you're into and what you allow others to see... but to complain because you think it's more "prudish" than a euro bathhouse... well duh, it's not in Europe! it's in DC... huge difference.

I'm not sure about the staff being rude or arrogant since I havent visited CC in a while, but I've never experienced this on the times I did go and in fact have experienced the exact opposite. Nice, friendly staff that can be pretty engaging w/conversation. I guess it just depends on your personality.... Some guys are so nervous going there they avoid eye contact and don't want to be seen and pace the front door outside before going in (Entrance is on 14th street and it's pretty well travelled sidewalk). Don't blast the staff cause you were on the DL.

The sense of entitlement some guys seem to have is astounding to me... just cause your into guys doesn't mean all guys are into you. The Crew Club is just a location to visit, not a match maker for your gay fantasies... you make the best out of your visit, don't blame the Crew Club for your blue balls or your inability to have random unsafe sex. Just cause it's a "bathhouse" doesn't mean it's patrons are stupid... but yes unfortunately there are leatherish/jock type pigs & older men on the pervy side (looking for young boys) but there is also the average clean cut guy next door & hot military guys.

Anonymous said...

There are all types of guys at this place...its pretty much an international smorgasbord on Sunday afternoons. And everything from twinks to muscle monkies to gross old men you wouldnt touch with a ten foot pole. Its a BH my friend... what did you expect...celebrity beef cake showdown?? And DC on a week day afternoon...? only the ill informed might not know--- its a working town man... we're busy f'ing the rest of the politcal world all day... at least til 6 or so...lol. The place is neat, clean, with a friendly staff. On par with FLL club and the Orlando club. Go and have some fun.

Anonymous said...

When I went, late on a Saturday night in April, the crowd mostly older but pretty diverse. There were a number of black, latin, and asian guys. In fact, it was only about half white. By the time I left at 2 a.m., the crowd was much younger and with a lot more men of color. A good number of the guys were in great shape. I hooked up with a couple of really muscular older black men (late 40s, early 50s), a young latin guy, and a couple of others. Had a lot of fun and plan to go back next time i'm in town.

Anonymous said...

I went to the club on a wednesday afternoon. My only problem was PARKING.. it is almost non-existent. I had to leave every two hours and feed a parking meter. But the men were exceptional, I hooked up with a mid-twenties miltary guy who was an admitted bi-sexual... he loves to suck cock and does it very well. We spent time in the wet sauna and the porno movies room and had a great time. Later, in the hot sauna I joined a group of 5 in process by droppping to my knees for each of them. It was a very clean place, staff was helpful with the meters and the men there were not all in their twenties but knew why they were there and NO attitude was shown.

Crew Club, Washington DC said...

Thank you for the feed back on the Crew Club. I was the General Manager from 2001 to 2009, and have recently returned to the club. I am always happy to see posts about the Club, which helps me to see what we are doing right and what we could do better. I can tell you that we are installing video screens in the large cabins (rooms) which we hope to have completed before the end of March.

We are also attending the IHRSA convention in Los Angeles in March in order to took at equipment and ideas that will help to improve the club. I hope that you will continue to come into the Club and continue to give us feed back as to what we need to do better.

Visit us on the web at crewclub.co We look forward to seeing you in the future.

Anonymous said...

I love the club. But I wish there was mOre to do like a maze. Also I wish the sauna was not so hot. But other then thoses 2 things it's a great place. If the poster above me could tell some other things they are working on the would be great