Sunday, November 9, 2008

airports, airplanes

november is travel month. i didnt plan it to be this way. but i am flying in and out of manila for the whole month.

short, domestic flights i dont mind. but it still takes like a whole half-day, at least, away from your life. (the transfers, the waiting, the flight, the baggage, etc. etc.)

im taking this time to do some blog-thinking or think-blogging. sorry i havent been posting as often as i wanted.

the mabuhay lounge in the centennial is nothing to really rave about. what you really look forward to is just some measure of peace and quiet, and free snacks. they've perfected the bite-size sandwich. with all sorts of 'palaman': chicken, roast beef, pastrami, chicken inasal (!), with a thin slice of tomato. hehe. it tastes bland but looks cute and pretty.

i look around and i see quite a few whom i wouldnt suspect to be mabuhay class. (that's cc being super-bitchy) and everybody helps themselves to the snacks, coffee and sodas.

with free wifi, im easy to please. however, no one in sight is making this stay worthwhile for my need for aesthetics. gosh, nobody even within the age range i like. it's a slow sunday.

did i ever tell you about my encounter in a plane? this was years ago, on a trip to davao. it actually started at the terminal, waiting for the flight. i already saw him, eyed him as we were both at the newspaper cum magazine stand. i couldnt help but stare at the bulge of his tight jeans. he wasnt such a looker but he was... enough. we got to chat as he would casually brush his hand against that bulge, that bulge which was still growing. i was almost hyperventilating.

just my luck, we were on the same flight. but on the plane, we were seated in different rows so i could only just 'admire' at that bulge from afar. hihi.

but luck would have it that the seat beside him was vacant. and after take-off (pag di na nakasindi ang babala ng sinturon ng kaligtasan), i changed seats. more chit chat because it was still meal time.

it was during the 'we will now dim the cabin lights. those who wish to read can avail of the reading lights on the seat panel. thank you." it was groping time. good grief. that was a major boner. but we didnt really dare take it out. it was enough to just grab and squeeze the monster. we couldnt wait to get off the plane. (no way were we gonna try for the mile high club. the flight was too short. flight attendants were all over the place)

we met up in the rest room after 'deplaning and checking for items that may have been left behind in the stowage bins above you.' cubicle in that dingy terminal provided us with the venue to consummate. time-pressured (my sundo was waiting for me), he was the only one quick enough to 'release'.

then it was a hurried good-bye, handwash and pick up of baggage. no number exchanges. (di pa uso cell phone nun. hehehe)

airfare: P6,000+++
quicky with huge dong: priceless


Ming Meows said...

idol talaga kita... nothing is impossible basta ikaw!

Anonymous said...

damn pal mabuhay lounge. i had calamansi juice there and ended up SICK all the way to los angeles..couldn't eat anything exept lugaw hours after. the plane didn't even have any medicines on board. thank god they still had beds then.

closet case said...

matagal naman na eto, ming meows...

so sorry to hear that, anonymous one!

closet case said...

matagal naman na eto, ming meows...

so sorry to hear that, anonymous one!

thebaklareview said...

rotfl at punchline "priceless" haha.

and what is your preferred age range?

closet case said...

pretty wide range, actually, tbr
above statutory rape
below viagra-enhanced performance

Philip said...

:). nice post. very good read, just keep you going and going:)