Monday, November 24, 2008

IJ Case 8: HK Lounge, NYC (Close Encounters)

I googled "hot+gay+clubs+nyc" and got this place as one of the top results. located in the area called Hell's Kitchen, HK Lounge seemed like a really nice place, judging by the website. so i decided to check the place out despite the near-freezing temperature. it was SOOOO cold walking the streets of manhattan!

it was fairly easy to find. and the interiors i actually really liked: high ceiling, mix of white and textured, brick walls. not very big. and unfortunately for a friday night, not full either. typical of the gay clubs here, there was the requisite hunky waiter (here featured is a hunk from venezuela)

i was disappointed that there were only about 20+ people in a bar that could hold probably 80+. but since i didnt want to go home in the cold, i decided to stick around. by 11pm, the gogo boys got up on the bar to dance. i wasnt sure if they'd allow me to photograph them. but nobody bothered to tell me off so i guess it was okay.

i just stayed there watching the boys and the clients. there were a few goodlooking ones but definitely they were all in groups. (very hard to go to these places alone and expect a pick-up, at least for me) so i was just having fun watching the bartender and the gogo boys.

this guy apparently noticed how i was just staring at his bod lustfully, he approached me and allow me to take his picture UP CLOSE. and he started gyrating in front of me. i had to put in a few dollars to show my appreciation. (and to allow me to touch his crotch) and he just kept dancing there. and so i let my hands do the talking... feeling his really great big butt. hahaha. and since he was on the bar, there was a point he was actually on his knees, thrusting his hips towards my face to the beat. good grief, that was hot. a breath away from eating him.

but i restrained myself, and just let this very close encounter with a gogo boy sustain me till i left with a nice smile.

would i recommend the place? hmm. hard to say. there were mixed reviews about it. and there were hardly any people there. but with that nice experience, i'd say, well, just check it out and look for ross....


borg_queen said...

Parang Pinoy yung 1st pic.

But they don't dance as hot as our macho dancers, no? said...

you're in manhattan!? then the place to go to would be splash, down in chelsea, 18th between 7th and 8th i think. not really sure bout the address. and i'd go with you, but i'm days shy of being 21. hahaha.

e-mail me if you need any help (places to go to and where to cruise. stuff like that. hahaha)

Quentin X said...

Awesome investigative photo journalism again!
Honestly, if anyone of those in the photo would like to trade in their body for my brain, I just might say yes. But then it would be best if I could have both.

closet case said...

hey borg_queen. honestly, these gogo boys are actually gays, sexy, hunky gays. so they gyrate. hehe. not too effem but certainly not macho either!

hi rynhottie! i was in splash last year. wish you could take me but then again, you are a minor. haha. ill email you later!

thanks, quent. *bows*
yes, all that bod with brains, too!

South Park said...

awww, i miss NY. ;-(

closet case said...

im sure it misses you, too, south park!!!!

MkSurf8 said...

im excited. my partner & I will be in NY next month. ;-)

will check out the places you mentioned.

tnx for the posts. ;-)

closet case said...

please do! and make sure you visit hiro lounge, 10th ave and 17th i think. only on sundays.... great place