Friday, November 21, 2008

last night out, dc

just arrived from my last night out here in dc. a bit tipsy from the vodka-based drinks ive been drinking. (plu's drink vodka or gin based drinks here, not beer. it doesnt look classy enough to hold a bottle) i went to duplex diner, a nice hang out. got to meet a filipino plu contingent thru a friend. but they left me because they had to watch a movie. luckily, a german based in dc, followed by an american managed to entertain me in their absence i had a good time chatting with them. the german was actually cute but he was sort of dating one of the pinoys. the american was vocal about liking me. but he just wasnt my type. i really wanted to hang out more with the german and some other cute americans there but nabakuran ako. (fenced in)

i checked out another club, cobalt, a few blocks from there. it was a dance club with a distinctively multiracial clientele (latinos, south asians, orientals, etc) didnt stay too long. but long enough for a peruvian to come up to me and tell me that he liked me. (and a wet kiss on the cheek as he said goodbye) read the mixed reviews on the link, though.

it was nice seeing a group of pinoy plu's hanging out together, all 5 of them. when i would hear of the way crab mentality gets into pinoys, i see these diverse group hanging out in a bar and watching twilight together. go pinoy! and they seemed pretty popular there (the german was locking lips with one pinoy nurse. another caucasian was another pinoys date)

dc is a cool place. a bit more open to different races and cultures than nyc, i would think.

confirms my notion that we attract the latinos and the african americans more than the caucasians, unless they are certified rice queens.


borg_queen said...

Hey, a bit off topic but did you see indications of paghihirap there due to the crisis? Any tent cities you see from the car window? Of does it still seem normal?

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

you may be on to something. most of my hook ups have been with latinos. most rice queens want twinky asians and i definitely don't fall into that category.

closet case said...

hi borg_queen! right off, i wouldnt be able to tell whether there were less people in the retail establishments. it seemed pretty normal. at the apple store, the cashier was saying that there still so many people buying. black friday, the post-thanksgiving sale should be the best indication.

hiya john. makes sense, right? nevertheless, i aint complaining. latinos are hot!!!