Wednesday, November 26, 2008

closing shop

i can't believe when i read the email from migs that he is about to close the site, the manila gay guy. migs made it all happen for cc to come to virtual life. he set up that dinner with gibbs and mcvie. all three of them convinced me to start the blog.

and now, mgg is closing shop. i have yet to find out why. but knowing migs, this must be a well-thought out decision.

i read some of the comments. it must be very heartwarming for migs to read the appeals NOT to close the site. and the messages, most of them had only the nicest things to say about mgg, the site and the site owner.

i have entertained thoughts of closing cc down, too, particularly when i was still in a relationship, the blog was a secret. i had major fears of being 'found out', my infidelities to be read by my ex. of course, all that is moot and academic.

to migs

thanks for inspiring me to write my own blog because of your site. you are not only a dear friend, pre-mgg, but a mentor as well. your blog is a great MBA case in itself. hahaha. wish i could write the case for you!

and to the next major endeavor of migs, cheers! i await eagerly what this will be!



gibbs cadiz said...

he's closing mgg. stay open, will ya? :)

Ming Meows said...

sad naman...mgg has touched my life pa naman. without mgg, i wouldnt find this site

J said...

yikes, to date, does ex know if ccblog exists?

closet case said...

will do, gibbs! mwah!

i know, i know, ming meows. sigh.

j, ex doesnt care if ccblog exists. =)

DATS said...

I just found out this just a minute ago...I wonder why...i like that blog panaman...

closet case said...

i'll find out soon enough why, dats! nice, nice, nice to get a comment from you! =)

ethan h said...

Why would anyone choose to close a blog? Why stop readers from reading old blog entries? Others just post one last blog entry, "a goodbye entry," so to speak.

My guesses: internet harassment or bullying. I've read about it before.

luke lacson said...

oh please do not entertain the thought of closing cc down, kind sir. ive learned soooo much from your stories etc. being a late bloomer(havent met anyone like us and i only explore my other side in the cyber world) so please dont. :)