Friday, November 21, 2008

another disturbing story

an ad in one of the newspapers rallied against 'cyberbullying': how a teenager actually committed suicide perhaps because of the 'cyberbullies. the last chat message she got was "the world is better off without you. nobody cares about you.'

at first i thought this was too incredulous. like you would actually believe a virtual persona telling you this??@!? but apparently, this was not fictional at all. i just came across the article on the story. OMG. it is true.

very fragile egos, in the formative stage, resort to the internet as a sort of 'safe haven'... a place where you could choose to be someone else. unfortunately, the persona they chose was still a target of bullies. and the anonymity of the identity only made the attacks more vicious, on such fragile egos.

i bleed for the victim of the attack. i could imagine how rejected that teenager must have felt. to think that even 'virtual society' doesnt deem her fit as a denizen.

the internet is not always the safe place some people make it out to be.

kawawa naman.


borg_queen said...

This was first reported a few months ago and I also read the entire story yesterday. The fault primarily relies on the grown woman. Ba't kasi nakikialam pa sa away ng mga bata? Sadly there more Pinoy parents who are like that than westerners.

Quentin X said...

Depression. Find out more on

Tony said...

"the internet is not always the safe place some people make it out to be." - Was it ever? The internet has always been a place where people lose their inhibitions, not only sexually. I've seen a lot more people, who are nice in RL, become downright @$$holes when online.

Ming Meows said...

baka magkaroon na ng e-GMRC subject dahil dyan

closet case said...

i dont know if we are referring to them same story, borg_queen. the mom was actually trying to limit internet usage of the teenager, probably aware of her fragile ego. still, a lost soul that's now forever lost.

wow. thanks for the link, quent.

the internet, with its promise of anonymity, of being able to try out personalities like clothes, does give some people a feeling that they are in a territory where 1's and 0's can't touch them. in that sense, it is perceived as 'safe'. precisely why some people could choose to be bitches online.

borg_queen said...

Yeah, we're talking about the same story. Lori Drew was having a suspicion that the girl who committed suicide was spreading rumors about her daughter so she created that fake profile of a boy to find out.

Nakisali siya sa away ng mga bata. She's nearing 50 for God's sake!

trey said...

teens aren't the only internet bullies and bitches.


just sayin'.