Saturday, November 15, 2008

eye candy as assistant?!

a few posts back, i talked about this former commercial model i met. i didnt really pursue the guy. thought it too much effort.

one time, i received a hello sms from the guy. as i replied (i have to admit, excitedly), we had a short exchange, mainly on how he was doing, and that it wasnt great. figured the guy needed some cheering up, i invited him to join me to watch a basketball game. we had a good time. looked like he was able to laugh and smile a bit.

he actually seemed like a nice guy, a nice straight guy with three kids, two broken relationships (live-in) with females. and he was looking for other ways to augment his meager income.

i have been looking for an assistant to do some internet research for my classes. i needed someone to download u-tube commercials, look for articles on certain brands, etc. when he told me about his computer programming background, i decided to offer him this part-time work. it wouldnt pay much, i told him. but it would fit his schedule because of its flexibility. and from time to time, it would include actual legwork research.

he accepted the offer. and we've worked out an arrangement. and so far, it has worked out fine. he's actually quite smart, quick on comprehension. he's just not very articulate in english.

so the 'trophy boyfriend' ambitions are out the window. he is now under my 'employ'! and the best part, well, is that he looks really good. eye candy and that's all he's going to be!


Quentin X said...

So it is true that beautiful people are more likely to be hired than fugly ones.

thebaklareview said...

sex! sex! sex!

Ming Meows said...

and im just here waiting for the next move...

closet case said...

that age-old HR case: given two people, equivalent in skill and talent. fugly vs eye-candy. eye-candy trumps fugly. thanks, quent.

naaah, tbr and ming meows. not about to cross that line. besides, i lost interest. hehehe