Monday, November 3, 2008

taipei type ko

i stayed for four days in the taiwan capital. the climate was almost identical to manila (translation: mainit rin). but it wasnt raining in the afternoons like what we have here.

it is cosmopolitan, a chinese city built/modernized by japanese during their occupation (at least according to my sources). they have their subways and their high-end department stores (sogo), much like hong kong. however, unlike manila, no gigantic malls.

most of the guys are quite plain looking. i didnt see stand outs walking around when i arrived. (i was expecting at least some good looking chaps in the hotel).

i didnt do my usual 'research' into the gay subculture of taipei. (i did that in all my previous trips). i didnt think id have the time. but a friend emailed a taiwanese friend about my arrival. he, david, begged off because he was supposed to be in korea.

i was pleasantly surprised to get a text message from david asking if we could meet up! so on my second night, i got my tour: taste of pink taipei!

he first took me to some cruising areas, famous a few years back with the locals. (now supplanted by internet eb's). most are the parks that remain open till the wee hours. and surprisingly, the police dont seem to mind. no arrests made. but one still had to be careful. a few straights go there to harass hapless gays. i was told of the huge football field that was one major cruising area.

then he showed me the location of the gay area in the west side. they have this redhouse square, a row of pink bars with a huge al fresco area. it's malate meets greenbelt, purely pedestrian traffic here. we had a drinks there, joined by his friends.

not a lot of taiwanese speak english. though they learn the language early in school. but the younger ones strive to learn and are eager to practice. so they welcome english-speaking foreigners (and that also earns points).

it was only in the gay area i started to see gorgeous taiwanese, some buff ones. a lot of cute F4 types. (yes, dao men su (?) is gay) and there was a growing market for bears. (great! less pressure to build those abs)

the group insisted i visit the latest bath house there. and i did. but that's a separate post.

the following night, i met up with david's friends. david couldnt make it due to pressing matters. we met at funky bar. before 11pm, the bar is karaoke. then it becomes a dance club.

more cute taiwanese (but nobody who was truly outstanding). very young crowd. the music sounded more like japanese pop-dance than canto-pop. the group introduced me to different guys. some of them quite cute. but i still went home alone.

i like taipei. the people are nicer than chinese in hong kong or beijing (methinks). they are very tolerant of the gay lifestyle. and there are many pink entertainment choices. i will be back. its just 1hr 40mins away!

p.s. did i mention that david is just so gorgeous? too bad the guy has a boyfriend of 7 years.


Fratboyinthecloset said...

Darn. I went to Taiwain once for a meeting. Didn't know there was a "pink cruising scene". I searched the internet and found nothing. And my rusty mandarin didn't help even.

But I did go to the museum and got stamps (I know boring boring). And I didn't have the chance to get inside Taipei 101 (Kill joy colleagues, didn't want to shop).

Reading your post made me realise what a waste my trip was. But I'll be going to Singapore a couple of weeks from now. That place I know like the palm of my gay hand. You have your David, I have my Martin. haha. kidding. mwah!

thebaklareview said...

dao men su/jerry yan is gay??

Ming Meows said...

nakakainggit. i have a suggestion, y not have sex on taipei 1o1. isnt that a great idea?

closet case said...

oh dont fret, fbitc... im sure you'll have opportunities to go back there! and im sure you're having fun in singapore! go get them, tiger!

yes tbr, at least that's what the taipei plu's are saying...

i would love to do that, ming. but i risk being deported. hahaha