Sunday, November 9, 2008

landian transcribed

i met taipei in the club i went to. he was the one i liked most, though not necessarily the best looking. he had a daddy panda look to him though he's actually younger. much taller than me, he spoke better english than most of taiwanese i met there.

9:50:53 PM CC: hello Taipei
9:51:02 PM Taipei: Hello cc
9:51:13 PM CC: is this your picture?
9:51:27 PM Taipei: Yes, I didn't show my face on msn
9:52:07 PM CC: nice pic. why not?
9:53:05 PM Taipei: Ha... Sometime I don't want to show pic
9:53:12 PM Taipei: no reason
9:53:34 PM CC: ah ok. such a cute face should be up there. do you have facebook?
9:54:12 PM Taipei: No, I didn't spent much time on blog or internet photo book
9:54:22 PM Taipei: My pic is on msn, yo can check it.
9:54:49 PM Taipei: Just back from office, take shower first.
9:54:56 PM Taipei: Chat with u later.
9:55:00 PM CC: cool. now i see the face. sure take your shower first
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10:57:16 PM CC: nice... i like this picture
10:57:48 PM Taipei: My friend take it for me three weeks ago.
10:58:16 PM CC: may i as a personal question. do you have a partner currently?
10:58:39 PM Taipei: I am single.
10:58:48 PM CC: ok. cool.
10:58:56 PM Taipei: That is not news, you could get the answer from Ryan or Leo
10:59:18 PM CC: i didnt ask them. was shy.
10:59:38 PM Taipei: Ha... Don't be shy. Just a question.
10:59:48 PM Taipei: Not any meaning
11:00:28 PM CC: hahaha. yes. i was happy to meet you that night
11:01:26 PM Taipei: Me too. It is a very impressive experience
11:01:49 PM CC: i wanted to ask you come with me back to the hotel
11:02:31 PM Taipei: Really?! You didn't say it Ha......
11:02:58 PM CC: but you were too busy then
11:03:55 PM Taipei: Actually I am PR there 噗
11:04:07 PM CC: are you serious?
11:04:16 PM Taipei: Just kiding.
11:04:26 PM CC: oh. hahaha
11:04:28 PM Taipei: Come baby, are you really believe it
11:04:43 PM CC: you look like you were pr there
11:04:54 PM CC: and i did tell you that you were the only one i liked
11:05:16 PM Taipei: Actually there are many people could do the same thing like me
11:05:27 PM Taipei: Don't be surprise
11:06:12 PM CC: yes. you have your friends to entertain there.
11:07:12 PM Taipei: I just spent much to social with friends.
11:07:30 PM CC: yes. i didnt think you like me much.
11:08:46 PM Taipei: Don't say that.
11:09:26 PM CC: that's what i felt. but its ok. i just want to say that i like you.
11:10:12 PM Taipei: Before I meet you, Ryan said he met a very handsome and kind phillpino
11:10:55 PM CC: hahaha. wow. thats so nice of ryan
11:11:56 PM Taipei: I didn't figure out you are interesting in me
11:12:11 PM CC: i told you that.
11:13:23 PM Taipei: Ha.... thank for your kindness. i am so suprised about it
11:13:42 PM CC: i am not being kind. im being honest. you are cute.
11:14:16 PM Taipei: When I chat with my friend near the entrance of Funky
11:14:31 PM Taipei: I saw you talk with a young guy
11:15:02 PM CC: yes. i was talking with Hippo. Leo (small) introduced him to me.
11:15:24 PM Taipei: How is him.
11:15:48 PM Taipei: I think you are interesting in him
11:15:49 PM CC: he is a nice person, too. but i didnt get attracted to him like i got attracted to you
11:16:05 PM CC: if i was interested in him i would have taken him back to the hotel
11:16:07 PM Taipei: Ha.... Maybe I talk too much
11:16:16 PM CC: hahaha. no you dont
11:16:40 PM CC: i forgot to ask. how old are you?
11:16:46 PM Taipei: 1975
11:17:05 PM CC: ok. got it.
11:17:32 PM Taipei: How old are you
11:17:44 PM CC: 1966, im 42yo
11:18:46 PM Taipei: My God!! You looks so young...
11:19:06 PM CC: wow. thanks, leo. mwah
11:19:23 PM Taipei: I never believe you are older then more then 2-3 years
11:19:41 PM CC: thanks a lot
11:20:09 PM Taipei: It is true. i am so suprised.
11:20:38 PM Taipei: I have to more respective to you in the future. 噗
11:20:53 PM CC: hahaha! hey, im not that old!thanks, really. i need to sleep now. but im glad im chatting with you, taipei. you look like a nice guy!
11:21:25 PM Taipei: Thanks a lot. I have the same feeling with you.
11:21:41 PM Taipei: Have a sweet dream. I almost need to sleep soon
11:21:44 PM CC: i hope to chat with you again... take care always
11:21:51 PM CC: have a sweet dream, too
11:22:12 PM Taipei: Bye
11:22:21 PM CC: bye


Ming Meows said...

cc, i am interesting for you because i thinking you are good face and young than your age. if chinese liking you, why not me pinoy?

closet case said...

mean, mean, mea ming meows!!! hahaha!

thebaklareview said...

ang landi! haha.

closet case said...

nothing to lose, actually, kaya naglandi na! hahaha, thanks, tbr

Quentin X said...

I love flirting.