Tuesday, September 8, 2009

just another story: jacques

jacques just finished dinner with him again. and it ended in bed again. and marty left him in the condo and went home to his lover. 'the cycle', he muses. marty is quite a catch, accomplished professional, already in the upper levels of management. and the sex is always good. but he has rejected marty's offer to be the one on the side. im too good for that, he uttered. yet he is here again, fucked up in more ways than one. it will be a year of singleness soon. sigh.

hmm. facebook. a newbie, he decides to just surf and add, surf and add. he sees nice, gorgeous guys in the fb world, friends of friends, acquaintances, etc. he just adds those he likes, those he found interesting. ill ask them out for coffee and see where it leads. at the very least he could gain new friends. at most, possibly relationship material. besides, im done with g4m.

one boring rainy afternoon, one of those profiles confirmed the add. matthew. checked his profile out again and found him interesting. not bad, nice body (the way I want it, not too muscular, just right). He seems stable in all ways. and he had a message for me on fb. nice start for august. jacques quickly responded and in a couple of hours a thread was established. nice short messages. cute and non-intimidating. he likes that.

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