Monday, September 21, 2009

the lake house

nothing like being in the throes of romantic love to seek more of that emotional high from other sources. ive been wanting to get my fill of romantic movies, with enough drama (and facial tissue around). relived that feeling after watching 'the lake house'. loved the twilight zone-ish storyline, tied to a mailbox, the wormhole between two time periods.

i really got into the movie, relating so well to the constant communication between kate and alex despite the time divide. people surrounding them look at them with this look of suspicion, reserved for looney tunes and loose screws. but they feel, they love nonetheless.

"listen, while it lasted she was more real to me than anything i have ever known. i saw her. i kissed her. i love her. and now she's gone."

i couldnt have said it better myself.

what is real, what is not? who is to say that the person i love, i touch through my keyboard, with my pen is not real because he is not here physically.

and with that i suddenly felt that distance between us just melted.


Rygel said...

couldn't he just ask her the winning lottery numbers? :D

Anonymous said...

Watch the Korean version, Il Mare, it's way better..