Sunday, September 20, 2009

what has become of... friendster?

from time to time, i still check this archaic account of mine in friendster. as they try to be ala-fb, can't help but notice this updated updates portion showing mostly the new friends added by friends. why? because most of my friendsters seem to be adding uber-hot friends to their lists! all im seeing are pics and profiles of gorgeous bodies all in display.

as i was telling my friend earlier on, katawan is the currency of cyberspace. the distinction between the g4m's of this world and the more legit networking sights have blurred.

i can also imagine the high of receiving such positive comments of adulation, adoration. no wonder these hot guys just keep on posing and posting! and i keep viewing and viewing. :)


Rygel said...

it's been swallowed by FB :D

Anonymous said...

which makes me think what would be the rest of such people's mind are made of.... won't stoop down into their level, would you?

Anonymous said...

i deleted my account na. hahaha

Crap Newsman said...

@anon: Who gives a crap?! Post, post, post those hot bods! Stoop down now!