Monday, December 7, 2009

manila uli

glad to be back. i was getting a bit homesick there. and that was just six days out. i initially didnt want to go anymore. i have yet to fully enjoy my new office. im still building the new house. it was a heavy heart that left dec 1.

but a happy heart returned. im really glad i did make it. renewed bond with a friend/supplier there. i met him five years ago during my trip there. he was a stand out during the convention because he was really good looking, dapper and stylish, though quite vertically challenged. but he really had this gorgeous face, great smile. and we instantly hit it off. back then, he was the only one who bothered to show me the sights of mumbai. he eventually became a supplier and friend. because of our friendship, he has been to manila many times and has established business relationships here.

my initial attraction to him has waned greatly. though i catch myself looking at him and thinking to myself how handsome this guy really is. and how hopelessly straight. and how i remain in my li'l closet with him around. i dont know if he is slowly getting the hint about my plu nature. he still insists on us meeting girls (despite his marital status).

on our last day, he told us we were going to the beach area where there are factories to visit. he was going to bring his cousin. and cousin turned out to be H-O-T. he was buffed and oozing with sex appeal, dressed in straight jeans with a long-sleeve shirt tucked in to show off a great set of buns. my attraction quickly shifted to cousin. he even showed me pics of his well developed musculature (as he was admiring mine -choz). i had to be conscious of my actions around him. careful that the drool won't be noticed. meeting cousin became a high of that trip.

but this was a business trip. and productive it was. we managed to quickly build a network among the suppliers, all of whom were eager to show us the superior quality of their products, refuting that old notion of cheap, poor quality indian products. i hope that as we start our negotiations, we will be able to reach that compromise point. this is critical for the attainment of our strategic objectives.

needless to say. i will be going back to bombay. :)


joelmcvie said...

Ay! Boom-boom POW! =)

Bleeding Angel said...

My day is incomplete without checking your blog! Nakakaadik!

closet case said...

salamat, bleeding angel!

hey mcvie ;)