Tuesday, December 22, 2009

sales cycle blues

as the year closes, sales people (working for business which follow calendar, not fiscal year) are in the final stretch to hit targets. hitting annual targets assures windfall bonuses/incentives. as most companies shift more of compensation money from fixed compensation (monthly salaries) to variable compensation (performance-based), you can imagine how critical the final days are.

and this goes all the way up to the c.e.o.

so here i am, busy computing for deficits, looking for incremental revenues to make sure the targets are met. it is very stressful. it's like waiting for election results. there are a lot of wheeling and dealing. all happening even as everybody else (not in sales or marketing) are already enjoying the holidays (and the traffic and the crowds).

yet, it brings out the best in people who are cut out for the job. you see sales people going all out, squeezing every drop from each account. one needs to be creative, analytical, quick on his feet. last-minute decisions cost millions of pesos, literally.

it is not for the faint-hearted. the rewards, however, are immense, both financially and psychologically.

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~Carrie~ said...

I may be in a totally opposite field, CC, but I can imagine how "cut-throat" the situation is and how the rewards are immensely satisfying afterwards. All the best.