Monday, December 14, 2009

a gift from mr someone

a gift arrived by mail today. a pleasant surprise. i love surprises. but more surprisingly, it came from someone, mr someone

dearest cc,

im sure you have already received the postcard i sent you... well, here's another present for you. i hope you'll like it and of course, it fits you.

just a simple token that you are always remembered.

stay safe always.

merry christmas!

from mr someone

i opened the gift and found this nice striped shirt.

im flabbergasted, and a bit unnerved. first it was a postcard. now, a gift. all by mail. effort eto.

i have my suspicions who mr someone is. i dont know how to confirm. im touched by all this. but i wish he'd be more direct. nevertheless, it is a lovely gesture.

thank you, mr someone.


itsMePeriod said...

ang sweet naman

Quentin X said...

A stalker?

Jr Hammer said...

Kiligness. LOL!

Jr Hammer said...

Wow, nice penmanship. =P Kiligness!

Anonymous said...

mr someone has taste. and he's got really nice handwriting!!! i would fall head over heels in love with a guy like that!

sana ganyan din magsulat si piolo.

oh, which reminds me. i still have your gift haha.

joelmcvie said...

And I can read your name on the salutation part. Hehehe. =)

Anonymous said...

i think binili nya yan sa makati... sa rustans.. familiar yung wrapping e... kanina kasi may nakita akong ganyang wrapper...=)