Thursday, December 17, 2009

faculty goes whacky

last night, i was in u.p. dililman theater to witness an annual event. no its not the streaking. neither is it the lantern parade. i think they call it faculty follies. faculty and staff of participating colleges/institutes present production numbers, entertaining students and colleagues alike for about 2 1/2 hours.

career etoh. it is a major production, not just some backyard christmas party dance number. the theme, costumes, music editing, rehearsals, im starting to wonder if they still have classes in u.p. during december! even the stage, lighting was very well executed.

the emcee, a phd full-time prof, was totally in control. you wouldnt have imagined his credentials with the way he hosted. he seemed straight out of the library, klownz, punchline. superb!

the audience was, expectedly, roaring with laughter as they watched their teachers and mentors totally lose it!

the young faculty i couldnt distinguish from students anymore! napakabata talaga nila. and they were totally into what they were doing. hamming it up, cross-dressing even. being sexy and whacky. que ver ang respeto after!

which brings me to a point - does one actually lose respect from students, or even officemates, if one willingly goes all out to entertain? my opinion. in this day and age, doing such presentations actually earns one more respect and admiration from students and colleagues. they respect work-life balance. they look up to people who are not afraid to be human. they admire people who can lead and manage in all seriousness, yet be able to let their hair down every so often.

i salute these men and women. it still takes a lot of courage to actually do this. but the satisfaction, the gratification of seeing your students, constituents totally absorbed and entertained is incomparable!


aj said...

I went too last night there! Sayang, who among the audience where you hehe.

I never imagined our professors would do such things, not to mention the dean herself. I liked best the moulin rouge performance =p

And i totally agree, we look up more to professors who have life other than the academe :)

gauxves said...

good day. i came across your blog just today, and i think it's a great read. thanks :)

mackoy said...

agree! and besides, sa buong taon ng pagtuturo, isang beses lang naman sila magpapaka wild.

atlis hindi sila KJ. No fun ang mga tao na hindi game. =)

Ming Meows said...

maganda yan. well-rounded ang excellence.

closet case said...

@chuckie i was one of the nameless seniors in the audience, in a sea of students!

@gauxves maraming salamat!

@mackoy korek ka jan!

@ming_meows holistic ang effect