Tuesday, December 29, 2009

rekindling love

i used to be crazy about piano music the way some people are crazy about beyonce, mariah, etc. solo, original piano music used to be scarce in our part of the world. it would be lumped together under 'new age' or 'world music' or even 'jazz'. id make it a point to regularly check for albums of david lanz, jim chappell, suzanne cianni, danny wright, christopher peacock, kevin kern, among others, which were few and far between.

and when i go abroad, id get delirious with the titles available there and just hoard the cd's. after amassing quite a collection, the interest has quieted down. my itunes contains a playlist of the best, and this is the one i've been listening to.

just the other day, i decided to listen again to piano music, the entire genre and not just my playlist. on shuffle mode in the car, i rekindled this love for it. it helped me get through the problems i've been encountering lately, the stresses that have been wearing me down.

yesterday, i met piano player. and he introduced me to the music of a new piano artist by playing it for me over the phone. i was enthralled.

and today, jim chappell sent me a message and another free download of his latest song. confluence of events when i needed them most.

im watching me experiencing this serene joy again of piano music.


joelmcvie said...

That piano player would one day play the organ. Sana naman hindi bamboo organ....

In fairview, kinikilig aketch.

Anonymous said...

hi B

hope you had a wonderful Holiday season and a great coming new year ahead

my favorite is the CINEMA cd I had it way back in college and am sure its available there


I have come across cross over clasiscal artists for piano like

Maksim and Myleene Klaas

check them out there are more new piano artists ala new gen artist out there just look for them in the racks M1 in Q Ave or that record store in glorietta tapat ng Bibliarch would be best to check the second level section... if updated pa tong infor na ito :)


Anonymous said...

i "discovered" ur blog after Christmas then got hooked reading in marathon for 4 days now. i still need to read some 2008 and 2007 entries.

i am literally blown away. i am so much in the situation of waiting for his response. i mean, i already braved the "i love u" hurdle after nearly 4 years of exaspiratingly long journey of being friend with my boy love.

at deadma sya ever since. i can't help it but i need the comfort of this unusual feeling. first time. hurts deeply.

thank u 4 ur blog and the raiders' insights!

- ano. yup, call me ano (stress on A)

Ming Meows said...

i dont enjoy piano music as much as you do. perhaps the age gap.

Anonymous said...

i'm also a big fan of jim chappell. my favorite album of his is nightsongs and lullabyes.

trivia -- if you listen closely to the soundtrack of pito-pito films made in the late 90's, you'll here a couple or two of mr. chappell's songs.

have a happy new year!

serial said...


PG said...

everytime i hear someone plays piano...i am impressed. the melody relaxes my soul and refreshes me as another person....and also lead me to realize that despite all these things.... i am not happy.


Prince Henry said...

Dear Corp Closet,

This is my first time in blogging. Luckily, I have encountered your blog site.

While reading, I can clearly picture the scenes of my life in your stories.

Blogging is a way where I can be me. And just write without any hesitations my deepest sentiments.

Just like you, music has been my companion when sadness looms around. Most especially, I like listeninf to classical crossover genres-- musicality of Sarah Brightman, Katherine Jenkins, Teatro and sometimes Kristin Chenoweth.

Keep blogging. You have a fan here.


---Prince Henry

Prince Henry said...

Happy New year!

Bryan Karl said...

"it helped me get through the problems i've been encountering lately, the stresses that have been wearing me down."

And because of that I "bought" the Rise album of Jim Chappell. I'm listening to it now. It's cool. Thanks for the share. :D

The Bakla Review said...

you're the best person to make a recommendation, then. i've always wanted to try piano music that's new, unexpected, or even (gasp!) avant garde. where's the best place to start?