Monday, December 7, 2009

mumbai's industrial estates

the term conjures sprawling grounds with newly-built factories and warehouses, major enterprises needing huge capital investments. the one i visited was so far from that image. it was in a 5-storey building, surrounded by dusty, dirty shanties. inside were corridors that had condinium type units that house small and medium enterprises. one door opened to a four-color printing machine. another to rows of sewing machines. another to a confectionary packaging equipment. at first i was appalled at the squalid. walls were 'spit-painted'. then i realized that these estates housed the businesses that are driving the indian economy. even as the country had its billion dollar conglomerates, it fuels the machines of these SME's. unlike the philippine economy driven by the services sector, india is both manufacturing and services-based. that estate provides less capital-intensive real estate ideal for start-up mfg-based firms. amazing.

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Ming Meows said...

are you planning to invest there?