Friday, May 14, 2010

Missing Them

a colleague recently got married. she also opted for early retirement after having been with the company for 10 years. she was an administrative officer who has endeared herself to us for her efficiency, her candor, her charm. right after the wedding, they were going to immigrate.

she didnt think any of us from the office were going to attend. it was quite far. so the moment she saw us, she started tearing up. i started to get emotional myself. and during the reception, as she was thanking all their guests, we got special mention, accompanied by more tears.

the most touching part of her speech - sir cc, and the rest of the company, you are my 2nd family. i will miss you dearly.

on another note, i serve at church regularly as a lector. on my weekday slot, ive gotten to be familiar with the parishioners who go to Mass daily. the profile: largely female senior citizens across different SE classes. one particular parishioner, mrs a, would sit at the first pew every time. in her early 70's methinks, she would recite the responses loudly, an assuring voice in a big almost empty church. best part, she would be our substitute lector, for anyone who can't make it to their time slot.

she passed away last month. i served recently and naturally looked at the parishioners during the mass. i turned my gaze to the first pew and realized mrs a is no longer there. there was no loud reply from that area anymore.

two ladies ive had a chance to get to know in varying degrees. yet their departures have left a void of sorts in my heart.


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Felipe said...

heart warming post. :)

Rainiel said...

that's one of the best gift this life can offer...touching lives, and being touched in the simplest way possible like mrs a was to you. Espérons que nos chemins traverse bientôt!