Wednesday, May 12, 2010

portability of sex

this is the main reason im addicted to grindr.

hi, im cc. and im grindrholic.

lol. as i said before, i used to do mirc, back in the 90's. then just grew tired of it. actually, that was me and my partner then. mirc, we were hoping, would be best place to hook up third parties. hehe. and it did. but it grew tiring. and we split up anyway.

so i was out of chatrooms for more than a decade. g4m i flirted with (fun intended) but i realized that i wasnt too interested in that either.

i was chatting heavily with mr ripley last year. but i dont put that in the same category. the chatting was really purposive: to continue communicating with mr ripley. not to hook up with guys in general.

so here comes the iphone. and that app called grindr. i must say that for months, i didnt even download a single app. grindr veterans like bruno have been talking about the app since last year. i wasnt interested (only because i thought itunes was still limited to u.s. based consumers).

my current preoccupation with grindr surprises even me. the benefits of seeing pictures, of instant chats and of proximity information outweigh the inherent bugs of the app, the pop up ads which i inadvertently click, no thanks to my stubby fingers. finally, i believe that the virtual-to-real ratio approaches 1.
(cc mathematics - virtual to real ratio: virtual photo rating over reality rating. X = 1 means perfect correspondence or WYSWYG. X > 1 means reality falls short. X < 1 means pleasant surprise.)

of the guys ive met, only one or two were above 1. and that seems to be the perception of other grindrees.

but on further analysis, its the sex in my pocket accessibility that keeps on luring me back to grindr. im not confined to my pc. its have iphone, will hook up and since i carry my phone everywhere, potentially its with me 24/7.

so even if ive met more than a few guys through this, i aint stopping. i still check it out. somehow, a new face pops out almost weekly. and i hear an 80's tune in the background ...


Ming Meows said...

how many people kaya are into grindr.

Felipe said...

Oooooh! Something to download on in iTouch. :D

Jedd said...

I didn't know location-based apps work on the iPod touch too. How does the app work? Do you walk into a restaurant and your iPhone alerts you that there are two gay guys in the same place, shows you their photos, and allows you to send messages discreetly? This is almost like the perfect gaydar.