Sunday, May 23, 2010

a step backward Part 1

part of this process i am now going through involves opening previously closed drawers in the closet of the heart. blogging has been the faithful tool. cyberspace my witness to the unfolding drama of a previous cc life.

even as this may be helpful for new raiders of corpcloset, this is really for me as i begin to confront my self again.

meeting him
the ups and downs of long distance relationships
partner is back
karmic retribution
what i thought was the end
after that rough spot
my first podcast on my ldr as guest of troikasters Part 1 Part 2
my thoughts about it the villain
meeting enigma, my last affair
the ongoing affair Post 1 Post 2 Post 3 Post 4 Post 5 Post 6 Post 7 Post 8
my revelation of enigma to ex

i end Part 1 with the collision of two worlds: ex and enigma. the fall-out continues in Part 2


Marky Boy said...

Reading all of the links (Post 5 and Post 6 links refer to the same entry, bdw), I realized that despite being successful, prayerful and down-right hot, CC, you're not a catch. You'd tend to hurt people who really love you.

I felt sad thinking after realizing that I was crushing on someone who is not perfect.

Anonymous said...

Been following your blog for some time, its very interesting. Good job posting all your ex and enigma-related blogs into one blog. I was actually sorting out your archives a week back to read thru all the the ex-partnet posts. While this hyperlinked reposts are helpful to new followers like me, i'm just curious though why you have to go back to something that has ended na 2 years back pa? and one more thing, is this really about CC not getting over his ex OR, CC not getting over the guilt for what happened to him and his ex?

Anonymous said...

thank you.
realizations on love life and sex.