Monday, May 17, 2010

SAHC: People Power Hada

people power stirred such strong emotions in us. there was no question about it. we were going to go the rallies in EDSA to show our disgust for marcos and our collective wish for him to resign.

the country was on a standstill for four days. then the final victory on the 25th of february, 3 days short of my birthday. we were all in euphoria. by midnight, we were still on the streets, but walking away from EDSA towards where gerry and paula parked their cars. this was in the parking lot of greenhills, where the promenade mall is now.

we hung out with all the other people still there. and gerry had his stereo way up, madonna's like a virgin concert live blaring in the background.

we noticed guys about a few cars away from us. they too were a group of about 6 or 7, and they also had one car playing loud music, with the subwoofer in overdrive. soon, we were trying to catch their attention. they werent bad looking. they were good enough for some celebration. soon, we were talking with them. i took the lead, being the most vocal and coquettish. they were in their senior year in high school, also taking part in EDSA 1. and they were hanging out for a good time before going home.

soon both barkadas merged into one. it was each bading to his own. we have staked out our respective 'partners'. nathan had his, i had mine. the rest were up to nandy and gerry. lol

we all decided to go up to eagle's nest that night. that was THE hang out in antipolo, along sumulong highway (very near padi's point). clusters of nipa huts on stilts overlooking marikina valley. beer was cheap the view great.

that night turned out to be just fun for most of us. it was just inuman, a bit of flirting. only gerry got lucky. since it was his car, he got to give his partner a blow job.

we had our hang-over the day after. and though nothing sexual happened to me, id look at that fondly as my memory of EDSA I.


Felipe said...

YAN ang himagsikan!

Ming Meows said...

mabuhay ang edsa at ang hada!

The Bakla Review said...

high school seniors pala ha. di ka pa rin nagbago. charing.