Monday, May 31, 2010

IJ Case 15: Amistad

finally got around to visiting this spa. located along quezon ave, with a bright red facade, it is not exactly discrete. the clean lines and smart interiors make up for the small place. and it looks and smells clean.

small locker and changing area. you can hang your clothes in a common open closet. (felt iffy about this. what if somebody else gets my shirt? or wouldnt shirt odors mix? (eww) the lighting on the locker mirror is awful. makes all my wrinkles come out. LOL.

the carousel type of a shower area looks great. the steam room is an off-the-shelf expensive type which adds to the cleanliness of the entire spa.

the massage area, small private cubicles reminds me of the less legit ones. but it is enough. for whatever reason, the a/c was working poorly when i was being massaged.

finally, i saw quite a number of good looking therapists around. i just went for 'rotation' (whoever is on deck). and i got one who was ok. no happy endings here, strictly! which is fine.

i believe the activity happens elsewhere. ;-)


Ming Meows said...

choosy ka talaga!

Anonymous said...

in amistad? right. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

@Ming: Ikaw na maging CC!
CC = Chusi Chusi. hehe =P

Anonymous said...

Do you still go there? 11.04.14