Wednesday, June 2, 2010


'from down here, you look like coco martin', he tells me, in between gasps for air

im thinking 'this one must be on drugs' as im shoving it down his throat. he really seemed to be enjoying blowing me off. with eyes wide open.

'just dont cum in my mouth' he pleads, but still getting his mouthfuls

im straddling him, as i give it to him. and before long, i pull it out and shoot all over his chest. 't**g ina' i murmur

he cums too and moans in delight.

i lie down beside him, but not before giving him my shirt to wipe all the spunk on his chest. he cuddles up beside me.

'ive never enjoyed giving head as much' he whispers. i chuckle.

'yours is just right. not too big.'

bubble thought: 'is this guy actually insulting me?'

'seriously. i like sucking you. never had as much fun.'

i didnt want to end up here. he's not bad looking. but i was just tired and i felt that lil cc down there wont respond.

i was hoping he felt the same way. that he didnt find me attractive enough. then it would have been 'see you soon'.

but he had other plans. made me sit beside him on the sofa, and started giving me a back massage. and for a guy who just finished working out, that was most welcome. and even if i wasnt as into him, i just let myself enjoy the massage.

'uhmm, i may not respond ok? it's age. and im quite tired.'

'or did you have such a naughty weekend?' he asks, teasingly

'well, that too.' recalling the no of times i actually came from saturday to sunday.

his hands found my crotch. and though limp at first, his caress just felt good enough to get a reaction, an erection.

'im not really in the mood. id be a bad partner'

'shhh. you talk too much. just lie down there, okay? you dont have to do anything.'

soon he was on top of me, working on my chest, my navel and finally...

just when i thought id soon have dysfunction there because he wasnt really my type, i found myself enjoying his service.

he left looking googoo eyed. uh-oh. hope he doesnt start to get romantic notions.

alone now, im processing what happened.

this is true recreational sex. but not half as fun. because i wasnt that into him. but it wasnt a charity thing, either. what would have been a recipe for surefire erectile dysfunction didnt turn out as bad. i guess it's all that affirmation from him. it was enough to fuel the drive. an aphrodisiac for a vain, insecure me.


Ming Meows said...

aphrodisiac ha. may term na ganun in between.

Felipe said...

wow. these images in my mind will keep me awake tonight. baka forever!


Anonymous said...

lucky guy. im jealous

Nimmy said...

kailangan ko ng malamig na tubig! this is hot. LOL

joelmcvie said...

"From down here (slurp! slurp!), you (slurp! slurp!) look like (slurp! slurp!) Coco Martin!"

And from up here, CC, you look like Carmi Martin! LOL!

Anonymous said...

@Mcvie: LOLs. Carmi Martin, tThe mother of Coco Martin! hahaha