Tuesday, June 22, 2010

THAT Home episode

i now understand why this episode got so much mention. first off, that song still haunts me. back in the early 80's, Kuh Ledesma released her 2nd album and she did a cover of this song. My sister loved her and loved this song, and so did I. I didnt even know at first that it was just her cover of Diana Ross' song from The Wiz.

But already back then, I could sing the song with all my heart, ala Kuh. the lyrics didnt resonate though, because I was still pretty much at home. :-) I eventually forgot about the song altogether.

Reading the raiders' comments about this episode made me curious whether this Home song would be sung. and as the episode unfolded, i didnt even know it was already THE episode till the Home word kept on repeating. The excitement built up right to the end of the episode, with Kristin finally singing this endearing song. Yes, I was singing at the top of my lungs with her, with hair standing on end.

im back at home after a 10-year stay away from the place i grew up in. it was quite a journey for that past decade, marked by the first time i ever shared a 'home' with someone else. although it ended in a 'broken home', i didnt end up as a 'broken spirit'. and inasmuch as i am already so grateful to be back here, i know there are reasons yet to unfold to explain this.

i ended that post on looking back wishfully thinking that i was ready to be in a relationship again. but i'm not so sure now. i've had chances since then. yet the heart has not responded, even when the mind wanted to. the heart has its reasons. and though friends still believe that somewhere out there is a someone for me, i smile and douse expectations, theirs and mine.

home is where the heart is. and cc is back at home.

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pinoyniftywriter said...

I really loved the Home episode of Glee. Heart warming and very honest... I think some of the critics even suggested for it to be nominated to the Emmy Awards. Kristin was really an awesome singer and she is also a very entertaining actress hahaha. I'm glad you are at home, CC. But don't forget to let some guys enter even once in a while... because one of these days, someone will eventually stay to pick up after you :)