Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SAHC: jose

it was in third year high school when we started having relationships. i can't begin to place how it all started. i just remember nandy telling us that he has been dating one of the hot, cocky soccer players, jose. jose was really cute, from the other section. mayabang ang dating. because he was one of the better players, because he looks like his family is well-off.

they became an item. and nandy looked like he was in heaven everyday. we would hang out at the football field and watch them play. we were supportive of nandy and jose, though we all felt that envy.

then something happened after a few months. and they split up. nandy was devastated. but life moves on. especially for jose. after a week or two, he started to become chummy with me. we started talking over the phone, meeting up in school during breaks or after class. i started to fall. he was sweet and thoughtful. we'd have long talks. about class, about teachers, about toys and music, about sports.

nandy forgave me when i eventually told him and the rest that we are officially on. and when we could, we would hold hands, away from the prying eyes of the priests and brothers.

during one of our after-class trysts, we were at the staircase of one of the old buildings at the school. it was dark and nobody passes by since the entrance there is closed.

we were talking. and he put his arm around me. with only a lamplight outside, filtered by the window of the staircase, he kissed me. i knew it was coming. but i was scared. i even had my two hands cupping my knees. then he kissed me longer, and i finally opened my mouth. and felt for the first time the sublime pleasure of a french kiss. we kissed a bit more before finally leaving, thinking someone might finally pass.

we lasted a couple of weeks. we ended up arguing, little teen-age stuff. but that memory lingered with me. i enjoyed that first french kiss and how it happened. it wokr up the romantic in me.


Ming Meows said...

gosh naman, ang swerte mo teh. ba't wala ako nyan nuon...

Anonymous said...

sure it did... you misspelled work..


stepfordboy said...

I can picture the school in my head, inside its walls hides your romantic puberty

Dhon said...

aahh.. young gay love! how romantic!

Ronnie said...

The second to the last paragraph kept me on saying "Awwwww."

Anonymous said...

im reading it for d 5th time now and i can still feel the vacuum in my vulnerable heart. i can relate much!!! darn cc!!! i like it!!!!

closet case said...

@ming we were really lucky.

@stepford boy i love that line: walls hide my romantic puberty

@dhon yes, the joys. soon the sorrows follow.

@ronnie @anonymous thank you. sharing this also meant such memories resonate with others.

Anonymous said...

we have so much in common. mine happened in a very remote province (population of town then was 20,000). you were watching him on the football field, mine was on the basketball court.