Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oriental Sandwich

it was my first time to try that spa. i know it has legit massage services (ie no happy endings) from supposedly attractive therapists. it has maintained quite a 'clean' reputation (to my mind anyway) though still primarily known as a plu-place. (sounds cute, don't you think? plu-place!)

since all i wanted was a legit massage anyway, i tried it out. that sunday afternoon, it was just me and two white guys. and we were at the steam sauna. one of them was in pretty good shape though both of them must be around my age or even older (you know how these caucasians look older than their age). and both were stark naked inside the steam.

i was across them and trying to check whether they were plu's too. and as the steam abated, i saw the more buff one actually caressing his gigantic tool. and so was the other guy (who had a beer belly though his tool wasn't wanting in the size department either). they saw me looking at them and motioned me to sit in between.

obedient asian that i am, i was now in between them. and they started feeling me up, touching me. my pulse was racing. i had a raging hard on that one of them started to jerk off. they were also busy on my pecs, licking, kissing them sometimes at the same time. it was such a head trip to see these two whites all over me, as i jerked both of them.

the other one was really huge. my lil asian fingers could hardly close in on the girth. the buffier one jerked me off till i couldn't hold it anymore. and i was already hyperventilating in the heat of the room.

the other one came almost at the same time. big guy didn't. i couldnt stand the heat any longer. so i motioned that i was leaving to take a shower.

there was a little chatter at the lockers. but we were all due for our massage. and after mine, i left, feeling a bit bewildered, considering the 'sanitized' reputation of the place. perhaps they are a couple visiting manila, ill never know. but it looks like they frequent that place.

for those of you on a strict diet of white meat, you may want to check this out. oops. sorry im not about to reveal the name of the place. hihihi


Anonymous said...

sabihin mo na kahit initials cc... sige na.. ;D

Tristan Tan said...

Ooohhh hot. I almost touched myself. Haha. White boys always make me smile.

serial said...
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Ming Meows said...

this post erected me

Anonymous said...

very giving eh?!?

closet case said...

hey serial

closet case said...

and to all the others, you can email me if you want to know. but i do have a dead-giveaway clue. it's part of the IJ Case Files.