Sunday, June 27, 2010

cheap and dirty

the worst sex ever.
15 minutes seemed too long.
a hook-up so pure in its intent.
no chitchat.
shorts fell to the floor.
raging erection.
why couldnt you get it hard?
because you turn me off.
my thought balloon.
take viagra next time.


Guyrony said...

Bad Sex Day. We all experience one.

The Rookie Blogger said...

huh? wala akong maintindihan...

Felipe said...

ooooohhhh... sorry to learn about this. bad catch i guess.

pinoyniftywriter said...

I know how that feels... been there, more times than I want to admit. Masyado ka ata nagpaka-generous or was it one of those hot and horny days that whatever comes along will do? :)

Ming Meows said...

am so curious, what turned you off?

stepfordboy said...

for all the roles you play, you were never cheap nor dirty, just plain sexy