Thursday, June 17, 2010

a thought @ midnight

after all that sex.
all those hook-ups.
back to square one.
its just not the same.
sex is no sport for me.


parteeboi said...

stop sexing, start dating...

Felipe said...


but if hook ups are all that matters for you now, i don't think you have a problem.

Ming Meows said...

masturbate ka na lang teh.

Anonymous said...

Every day when you wake up and there's an emptiness, that might actually be your soul telling you that he's sick and tired of the cycle and that he needs his silent retreat. Then again that might be the emptiness that needs to be filled up again with matters of the flesh...

only you knows who what actually is there at square one. Only you can set your soul free to give people in the world a chance to love you.

Good luck waiting CC!


Anonymous said...

ikaw na ang maging Brian Kinney ng Fabcasters! hehe.

I hope no one's picking up the pieces of their broken hearts these days.. =P