Thursday, June 3, 2010


ive just finished episode 1, as in the pilot, and im hooked. well at least season 1 just ended with episode 21. so 20 more episodes to go.

with this pilot, i found myself touched about what emma showed will as she convinced him not to go. his shining moment years ago. the greatest moment. his happiest moment. because he loved what he was doing.

im hard-pressed trying to recall my shining moment. hmmm. id have to say it was receiving that distinction award for my mba. and delivering that 'valedictory address' for my class.

ive been one of the luckier ones when it comes to grades. but i was never number one. 2nd honors in grade school. salutatorian in high. with honors in university. early in my university life, i aspired for 'higher honors' but i let it go. i felt i wanted to enjoy my life then and not be enslaved by books and studying. i regret that sometimes. only because i felt i didnt push myself enough.

which is why i decided to change my attitude when i was working. i was and still am always pushing for better or even best, aiming for more, challenging status quo. i am so passionate about what i do. which is why i still am at it after 20 years.

the company sponsored my executive mba quite a while back. my attitude towards studying had become radically different. i was challenged to just give it all. to study well, study hard. trivia = that was where i met the famous mgg.

of course, the playing field was very different. it was the top-ranked mba school in the country. i was up against seasoned, brilliant managers and executives from different industries, multinational and national companies. and that just challenged me more.

it was quite a feat: juggling my studies, completing the thesis work AND managing a multi-million company, all within prescribed period. we have a drop out rate of 60%.

and when i finally heard from my professor-mentor that i was getting that distinction award... oh wow, i could hardly breathe. it was a long, arduous trek to that point.

then i had to make my speech. i wracked my brains for something concise yet meaningful, insightful.

in the end, my response was the shortest, elicited the laughter and the best ovation. my mom and dad were on hand to witness that.

back at work, no more big applause, no more citations. i am just being measured against financial metrics that i have to beat year in and year out. but i still feel so motivated. because the competitive environment just keeps on changing. and i want to ride the wave and not just follow.

i guess i have learned to internalize that recognition. in the absence of the thundering applause is a quiet voice that tells me that i've done good, i have achieved my goals and i smile.

and the best part, no one can take that voice away from me. they can take away the awards, the pat on the back, heck even the money. but that voice remains in me.


Von_Draye said...

vondraye stands and
*clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*

Thanks; for this blog entry and those inspiring words.

Nimmy said...

Idol!!!!! :)

closet case said...

@von draye thanks :-)

@nimmy dont deserve that but thanks anyway :-)

joelmcvie said...

From grade 5 all the way to 4th year high school, I was in the honors class. And what we've noticed, especially nowadays when we have reunions, is that the bookishly superior ones in class are doing okay, but the ones who weren't too serious in class are now the ones driven and excelling in their jobs.

gibbs cadiz said...

suggestion: can you publish here your valedictory address? i'm sure it'd make for great reading. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW.....idol talaga si CC.

UP, Ateneo , Lasalle, UAAP or AIM for MBA? Suggest naman dyan.

But i must agree with mcvie...minsan kung sino pa yung hindi nahohonour sila pa yung mas successful in life.