Sunday, June 27, 2010

synchronicity story

he received the SMS in the morning. "text for mr cc. he is on the island this weekend. you have to show him the resort." so that was his task: find mr cc and show him the resort amenities.

he decided to postpone that for tomorrow. he was still too busy with winding down of the event. hosting this convention for 1,000 people was a living nightmare. thank God, it would be soon over, he thinks to himself.

the rains started this afternoon, another miracle. God spared the first two days of the convention. and by 4pm, all the guests would have left.

he finally wrapped up at around 12 midnight. and as though he wanted to sleep, he felt he wanted to have a few drinks at juice.

the crowd was already up and about when he got there. he approached the bar and ordered his beer. hmmmm. so many plu's around. some good looking ones, too. but he doesnt feel like being friendly. he's just enjoying the music.

guy beside him, left ahead. nice bod in a white tank top. was obviously drunk with the way he was teetering from side to side.

by around 2am, he left the bar and decided to check the beach area. a few people on this beautiful night, with a full moon lighting up the white sand. and speaking of sand, there was a guy on the sand, lying down. could it be him?

it is him, white tank top. seems to have passed out. he approached him and woke him up. guy smiled. "no im not asleep. im just admiring the sky." "sorry, i thought you passed out. you have to be careful here." he sat beside him and started to have a chat. nice bod is also a nice guy.

and as the conversation turned to work, he volunteers that he worked for this boracay resort. white tank top counters "im supposed to look for that resort."

"wait, don't tell me you... you're mr cc???" he asks, jumping ahead. he starts laughing, they both start laughing. the sheer coincidence.

and whatever attraction he had for him quickly faded. white tank top turned into client in an instant. and he just helped mr cc find his way back to the hotel.

he was shaking his head going back to his own room. funny how he found him without even trying.

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pinoyniftywriter said...

How cool is that! Hahaha. But are you willing to mix business and pleasure? :)