Thursday, June 17, 2010

perfect fling

perfect man was the perfect host. he treated me so well during that short trip.

he also made it clear that we were never going to cross that line. he remains very much in love with his lover.

yet we were almost like lovers. though we slept in separate beds, we found time to cuddle and hug before sleeping and upon waking up.

sweet memories of going around, dining together, shopping together.

and i realize that i dont love him. i could but i dont. and neither does he.

we just both needed that intimacy. we both considered each other special. but that was all there is to it.

so it's not him either, after all. after all the fantasizing.

after all that waiting.


parteeboi said...

sounds weird yet can be true... :(

Felipe said...

at least hindi libog level. landi level lang. hihihi

Ming Meows said...

buti naman kasi may lover na. wag tayong maging homewrecker ha.

~Carrie~ said...

Honga, wag maging RR - relationship recker. Ay, wrecker pala. LOL

mavey said...

Sorry, i am curious about something that is not quite related to your post. At least not related to your original intent.

If you are attached, and you found out that your partner went on a trip with someone, did not have sex, but cuddle and hugged, going around dining together and shopping together. "Nothing" happened, and he still goes back to you.

What would your reactions be? Actually i think what got me thinking was, if he is still in love with his lover, would he be doing all those things with you? He mentioned about not crossing the line, but my question is where would you draw the line? He seems to have drawn it at sex. Is sex more important than intimacy when it comes to crossing the line? Would you be more jealous (or totally not able to accept) your partner/lover being intimate with someone or just having sex with someone? Or both?

closet case said...

thanks, guys. yes, my conscience is clear that i did not wreck any homes. and have no plans anymore.

@mavey you have a very good point. that line was drawn almost arbitrarily, related perhaps to how he defines the sex act. and on that basis he can keep a straight face in telling people nothing happened between us.

but all that intimacy counts for something. it did to me.

perhaps his partner sees it in the same way as he did. as long as nothing happened, it is a non-issue.

but that's a big perhaps.

shenanigans said...

so tragic...

Anonymous said...

is SEX always the basis of crossing the line? or maybe they are just in an open relationship?