Wednesday, June 30, 2010

singularity: holiday turned restday

non-working holidays meant time off to go somewhere. it was off shopping. or hanging out with friends. watching movies.

yesterday was a hectic day, coming right after an extended weekend in boracay. i was feeling lousy in the morning, feverish, sore throat. illness was forthcoming. but i had no choice but to work, to be exposed to the elements, to have a class in the afternoon.

there goes my chance to be off somewhere.

it didnt turn out so bad. yeah, i ended with slight fever, runny nose, and general weakness. but i got to spend one entire day in the house, in my sanctuary.

i didnt even turn on the TV to watch the inauguration. im sure it will turn out somewhere online. i caught up on my newspaper reading. (i try to read the newspaper everyday. but because of work and everything else, that becomes last priority. i end up piling them somewhere. its really not the 'news' anymore that i catch up on. i check up on the ads.)

then there was grindr keeping me company. a little chitchat from one or two new pals. i dont seem to be getting much hits lately. LOL.

i did a little touching up on the plants. first in the balcony, then on the roof deck. it tickles me pink to see the plants responding, growing, blooming.

lunch was with family below. then a short nap to get my body stronger to fight this respiratory infection.

a massage would have been good. but i didnt feel like calling one of two regulars i have. he'll end up sexing me up again. and that isnt what i want or even need.

so its piano music in the background, blogging, my little waterfalls on the balcony contributing to the music. (the pic was taken as i was setting it up. there's water gently flowing from above the stack of glass panes.

a restful day indeed on my own.


Leo said...

i do love serenity in the comforts of my own home but of course in the company of my mahal, nimmy. so i hear yeah brother. enjoy and get well soon. :)

stepfordboy said...

sometimes, taking it easy at home is better than rocking it out some place else

Anonymous said...

Very nice post: not about sex or about any inner compulsion to "score". haha.

Maybe, CC, once in a while, you need to unwind in the simplest manner possible -- not in bars, not in spas, not in hook-ups, but in the loveliest of places, your home.


Ming Meows said...

ano yung nasa blue pot, parang patay.

angelo aguinaldo said...

well, there's really no place like home...nice pocket garden.