Thursday, June 10, 2010

SAHC: summer of 78

the first time i felt i was actually flirting with another boy must have been during summer vacation right after graduating from elementary school. i was 12yo then. i still had my cousin and neighbor as my barkada, doing 'boy stuff' like war games, climbing fences and picking neighbors' fruits, skateboarding.

but i also became close to a classmate of mine, ill call him daryl because of a common love for the Mickey Mouse Club (way way before britney) that was a regular sunday program we'd watch religiously. we had our crushes on the pretty talented little girls (yes, girls). and we'd talk almost every night over the phone just to share stories, fantasies during that summer.

from time to time, we'd meet on certain days and just hang out, either at school or in each other's houses. we were so into mmc that we actually became mouseketeers (we registered and were mailed our badges and kits)

some of those conversations turned sexual as we started discovering the changes in our bodies (how pubic hair started to grow, and of course, wet dreams). we had yet to talk frankly about masturbation though i actually havent discovered that joy yet. i would get excited over his discoveries of his body, his erections and nocturnal emissions but was too scared to admit.

over the phone one time, close to midnight when we were still talking and everybody else was asleep, he told me he dreamt of kissing me. though i was still in denial then, the thought didnt abhor me. i just acted cool about it. and asked him if he really wanted it. and when he said yes, i said sure, lets try it one time.

we were in school, it was still empty since classes hadnt started yet. and while walking, he stole a kiss on my cheek. again, i tried to be cool and just said 'you okay now?' and we never mentioned that incident again. it was back to our mousketeer crushes and cars and robots.

but i never forgot that (obvious ba?). and that paved the way for a more exciting time in high school when classes started.


Ming Meows said...

ang pagdadalaga ni cc..

Anonymous said...

talaga.... nangyari sa yo yan cc....

exciting pala ang nakaraan mo... more stories .. ;D

JohnM said...

You okay now? *giggles* That must have set a chain reaction to make pretty li'l CC what he is now. Did your little buddy become a PLU years after too?

canmaker said...

tamis ng unang halik?...tina paner, isdatchu? haha...

Mark said...

hmmmm... teka, nambitin ka ba? =)

serial said...

CC starring in Katorse.

JohnM said...

Dear Sir CC,

Ang cute mo pala! Hehehe. I accidentally saw one of your pics sa FB because... secret! It's a hush! hush! thing you know. Alam na ni Migs kung paano ko nakita. Sana wag mo na baguhin yung FB mo kasi your closeted FB is totally safe naman with me. Promise, I won't squeal. (Yes, I'll keep my word okay? Please lang wag mo na ibahin yung FB mo) Hindi na rin kita ia-add sa FB. Nakakahiya naman sayo, more importantly, baka other CC raiders will find out pa. (O diba, best in loyalty na ako among all CC fanatics?)


your very very loyal CC Raider:
John M.

P.S. Bakit mo dinelete minutes after yung isang album na ang kasama is si Joel hmm? Siguro sinabi agad ni Migs sayo? I hate you Migs! hehehe